Acer Debuts AI-Ready ‘Acer Swift Go 14’ Laptop with New Intel Core Ultra Processors

Acer Debuts AI-Ready 'Acer Swift Go 14' Laptop with New Intel Core Ultra Processors

The new ‘Acer Swift Go 14’ laptop enables AI-accelerated experiences and capabilities complemented by Intel AI Boost and Copilot in Windows 11

India: Acer has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-72), featuring cutting-edge technology designed to cater to the needs of students, professionals, and creators. This sleek and lightweight laptop is powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, including the Intel Arc graphics processing unit (GPU) and Intel AI Boost – a new integrated neural processing unit (NPU). These enhancements ensure efficient computing performance for AI workloads and deliver immersive experiences on the thin-and-light device.

The Acer Swift Go 14 offers an array of AI features, such as Acer PurifiedVoice™ and Acer PurifiedView™, specifically designed for videoconferencing. The laptop also incorporates customization tools on its OLED display, providing users with a seamless and tailored experience. To further streamline tasks and workflows, the Swift laptop is equipped with Microsoft’s Copilot, enhancing the user experience within the Windows 11 environment.

James Lin, General Manager of Notebooks at Acer Inc., expressed, “Our new Swift Go 14 goes beyond its stylish design and high-resolution display, delivering the latest suite of collaboration technology to support a wide variety of functions and lifestyles.”

At the core of the Swift Go 14’s performance is the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor, providing next-generation capabilities. Verified as an Intel Evo Edition platform laptop, it meets enhanced performance requirements, including instant wake, fast charging, and an extended battery life of up to 12.5 hours. The Intel Ultra Core H Series processors also boast an integrated Intel Arc GPU and Intel AI Boost, offering optimized performance and immersive experiences for gaming or content creation.

The laptop’s AI-supported technology enhances streaming and videoconferencing experiences, with a 1440p QHD webcam requiring less power. Acer PurifiedVoice technology eliminates unwanted background noises, and Acer PurifiedView allows for background blur, automatic framing, and gaze correction. The Swift Go 14 also introduces Acer QuickPanel, a feature that intuitively pops up for swift configuration of videoconferencing solutions when the camera or microphone is in use.

Acer has leveraged AI with the introduction of Acer AlterView, using depth maps to convert 2D images into animated wallpapers with 3D effects. Additionally, the integration of Copilot in Windows brings AI-powered assistance to tasks, reducing friction and saving time across various applications.

The laptop’s design is a perfect balance of style and functionality. Weighing just 1.32 kg with a thickness of 14.9 mm, the aluminum chassis is both lightweight and durable. The eco-friendly OceanGlass™ touchpad, made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, has been expanded by over 44%, providing users with a larger scrolling surface.

The Acer Swift Go 14’s display options include up to a 2.8K resolution OLED panel with 100% DCI-P3, VESA Display HDR™ True Black 500 certification, and a 90 Hz refresh rate. For users who prefer touchscreen capabilities, there is also a WUXGA display option. With essential connectivity ports, Intel Wi-Fi 6E, and Intel Bluetooth LE Audio, the Swift Go 14 ensures high-quality wireless network and audio connections.

Managing the laptop’s performance, maintenance, and customization is made simple with the dedicated AcerSense button, activating the AcerSense utility app. This app features an Acer AI Zone tab for easy access to the device’s AI features and updates. The Swift Go 14 stands as a testament to Acer’s commitment to innovation and is poised to set new standards for AI-enabled laptops in the market.

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