AJAX Engineering Unveils 3D Concrete Printing

AJAX Engineering Unveils 3D Concrete Printing

Bengaluru: AJAX Engineering, a leading concrete equipment manufacturer in India, has ventured into the realm of 3D Concrete printing technology with the introduction of its proprietary 3D Concrete printing machine. Demonstrating the prowess of this innovation, the company successfully constructed a 350-square-meter home in just three days, a stark contrast to the months typically required by conventional building methods. AJAX’s 3D Concrete printing technology promises scalability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly alternatives in construction.

The AJAX 3D concrete printer excels in large-scale applications, offering rapid construction for projects involving numerous houses. The showcased home not only signifies a breakthrough in efficient construction but also sets the stage for mass housing solutions, aligning with government initiatives for affordable housing. Beyond residential buildings, the AJAX 3D Construction printer extends its capabilities to a diverse array of structures, including villas, post offices, fire stations, bases for wind turbines, and even sculptures, unlocking a realm of possibilities on a global scale.

AJAX Engineering Unveils 3D Concrete Printing
Photo Credit:AJAX Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

The AJAX 3DC printer seamlessly translates Computer-Aided Design (CAD) into physical objects, revolutionizing construction technologies. This technology allows for flexible design, reduces material wastage through the precise printing of intricate concrete components, and enhances the strength and durability of structures, incorporating functional features directly into the elements. The current model, AJAX 3D Concrete Printer – APX 1.0, can construct buildings up to 10 meters in length, 10 meters in width, and 9 meters in height, with plans for future iterations featuring increased capacity. The printer can also be utilized on-site with large-sized precast parts.

Mr. Shubhabrata Saha, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of AJAX Engineering, emphasized the company’s commitment to self-reliance and innovation, citing over three decades of excellence in building world-class solutions in India. The launch of 3D printing technology underscores AJAX’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the development of cutting-edge technology and equipment within the country. Mr. Saha expressed excitement about the transformative potential of 3D Concrete Printing in construction and its contribution to achieving “scale at speed.”

The technology brings multifaceted benefits, including error reduction, increased design flexibility, minimized wastage, and lower material consumption. The AJAX 3D Concrete printer accelerates construction timelines by operating overnight, eliminating downtime related to safety or visibility concerns.

As part of its continued growth trajectory, AJAX Engineering has achieved impressive year-over-year growth, surpassing industry standards. In alignment with projected growth, the company has committed to investing 100 Crores in Karnataka, encompassing a new plant in Hosahalli and enhanced production capacity in Gowribidanur.

AJAX Engineering aims to provide comprehensive solutions to the industry through the “AJAX School of Concrete,” a game-changer in skill-building, innovation empowerment, and robust research and development. With the introduction of AJAX 3DCP technology, the company positions itself as a trailblazer in the future of construction, marking a significant milestone in India’s journey towards global manufacturing prominence.