Acer Unveils Cutting-Edge Nitro V 16 Gaming Laptop featuring the Latest AMD Ryzen 8040 Series Processors

Acer Unveils Cutting-Edge Nitro V 16 Gaming Laptop featuring the Latest AMD Ryzen 8040 Series Processors

India: Acer has unveiled the Nitro V 16 (ANV16-41), a cutting-edge gaming laptop designed for casual gamers seeking a well-rounded device with contemporary features. Boasting the power of the new AMD RyzenTM 8040 Series processors, complete with integrated RyzenTM AI technology, and supporting NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40 Series laptop GPUs with DLSS 3.5 [[i]], the Nitro V 16 ensures versatile performance, extended battery life, and AI-driven capabilities. Even in intense gaming scenarios, the laptop remains cool thanks to its innovative dual-fan system, providing users with an immersive gaming experience.

James Lin, General Manager of Notebooks at Acer Inc., expressed excitement about the ongoing collaboration between Acer and AMD, stating, “Combined with fast refresh rate display options, enhanced features, and loads of improvements across the board, the Nitro V 16 brings an exciting new AI-ready gaming laptop to the table for all types of gamers.”

The Nitro V 16, powered by AMD Ryzen 8040 Series processors, offers both efficiency and performance, featuring up to AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS processors. With its ‘Zen 4’ core architecture, the laptop ensures reliable speeds for gaming or streaming, accompanied by extended battery life derived from smart battery optimizations and third-generation power management features (PMF). The gaming laptop, compatible with Windows 11, delivers smooth, AI-enhanced visuals on ray-traced games and applications, facilitated by up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPUs and DLSS 3.5 technology.

Supporting over 500 popular games and applications, including titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Alan Wake 2, the Nitro V 16 comes equipped with up to 32 GB of DDR5-5600 RAM and up to 2 TB of PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage, ensuring seamless gameplay and efficient data transfers. Its advanced dual-fan cooling system further enhances its capability to handle demanding gaming sessions.

The Nitro V 16 features a 16-inch WQXGA or WUXGA display with impressive 165 Hz refresh rates and 3 ms response times, ensuring fluid visuals with minimal ghosting and screen tearing. The 16:10 wide aspect ratio provides a competitive edge to gamers, complemented by speakers with DTS X: Ultra for crystal-clear audio. AI-enabled features, such as Acer PurifiedViewTM and Acer PurifiedVoiceTM 2.0 with AI noise reduction technology on the webcam, enhance the streaming and video chatting experience.

Gamers can easily monitor device performance and temperature using the NitroSense utility app, accessible with a single click of the dedicated NitroSense key. The Nitro V 16 offers a full range of peripheral and connectivity ports, including a full-function USB4 Type C, two USB 3 ports (one supporting offline charging), an HDMI port, a microSD card reader, and compatibility with Wi-Fi 6E. As an added bonus, the laptop comes with one month of Xbox Game Pass, allowing users to enjoy the latest gaming titles with fellow PC gamers.

The Nitro V 16 (ANV16-41) is set to hit North America in March 2024, starting at USD 999.99, and will be available in Europe in April 2024, starting at EUR 1199. Specific specifications, prices, and availability may vary by region.