TPWODL Modernizing Infra For Enhanced Services In Western Odisha

TPWODL Modernizing Infra For Enhanced Services In Western Odisha

Sambalpur: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL), as a leading power distribution company, is persistently transforming and modernizing the infrastructure of electricity offices across various locations in Western Odisha. Committed to this objective, the company has implemented a range of initiatives, including the refurbishment of division, sub-division, and section offices, the upgrading of aging transformers, and the installation of fencing around transformers.

Emphasizing the prevention of electrical accidents and the safeguarding of animals, TPWODL is actively constructing boundary walls around unfenced electricity transformers within its operational area. In the fiscal year 2023-24, the company successfully fenced 233 transformers and aims to complete boundary wall construction for an additional 80 unfenced transformers by the end of the current financial year. Overall, TPWODL has fenced a total of 1450 electricity transformers since assuming the responsibility for electricity distribution in Western Odisha.

Simultaneously, TPWODL completed the renovation of four division offices in the previous year, with ongoing renovations at five more division offices. During the year 2023-24, eight sub-division offices and 24 section offices underwent renovation, while work is underway to transform and renovate five additional sub-division offices and 24 section offices.

As part of its office infrastructure revitalization efforts, TPWODL ensures the provision of essential facilities such as toilets and drinking water. In the past year, the company constructed 83 new toilets at various electricity offices, with an additional 41 toilets currently undergoing renovation. Priority is given to offices and customer care centers where women employees are employed.

Additionally, for the convenience of electricity consumers, TPWODL has inaugurated two new customer care centers in the current financial year, with the construction of two more in progress. Over the last three years, the company has established a total of 13 new customer care centers in Western Odisha, enhancing facilities for employees and significantly contributing to the delivery of high-quality service to electricity consumers in the region.