‘Atal Setu’, India’s Longest Sea Bridge, Inaugurated 

‘Atal Setu’, India’s Longest Sea Bridge, Inaugurated 

The 21.5 Kms bridge is built at a cost of Rs18000 Cr

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the ‘Atal Setu,’ the nation’s longest sea bridge spanning 21.8 km in Mumbai. This monumental structure connects South Mumbai to Navi Mumbai, significantly reducing travel time from the current 2-hour journey to a mere 15 minutes. The foundation stone for the bridge was laid by the Prime Minister in December 2016.

During the inauguration of the Atal Setu, Prime Minister Modi emphasized its symbolic significance as India’s longest sea bridge, representing the developed India. He highlighted that the infrastructures developed for India’s future would enhance connectivity across the country with shortening distances.

The full benefits of the bridge would be realized upon the completion of various projects, including the Sewri-Worli Elevated Corridor, Eastern Freeway-Marine Drive Tunnel, Chirle-Palaspe elevated corridor linking Mumbai-Pune Expressway, and Navi Mumbai International Airport. The Atal Setu, constructed at a cost of Rs 18,000 crore, is poised to become a vital lifeline in the transportation sector.

The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL) is set to impose a one-way toll of Rs 250 and a round-trip toll of Rs 375 for the first year. Once the Navi Mumbai Coastal Road is finished, the MTHL will also serve as a convenient route to Navi Mumbai International Airport, the region’s second airport. Approximately 15 percent of MTHL traffic is expected to utilize the proposed Sewri-Worli corridor. The completion of the Sewri-Worli project will enable commuters from Bandra suburbs to reach Navi Mumbai in less than 40 minutes.

The Atal Setu spans 16.5 km over the sea and 5.5 km on land, strategically reducing travel time between Mumbai and Pune, Goa, and South India. The inauguration ceremony witnessed a warm welcome for Prime Minister Modi, with the presence of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, and Ajit Prawar.