TPSODL Reaffirms Its Dedication to Fostering Healthy Community Development on World Health Day 

TPSODL Reaffirms Its Dedication to Fostering Healthy Community Development on World Health Day 

Berhampur: In commemoration of World Health Day, TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL) avows its steadfast commitment to nurturing healthier communities through dedicated health-centric endeavors. Aligned with the thematic essence of this year, “My Health, My Right,” TPSODL is leading the charge in ensuring the holistic well-being of both its workforce and the populace it serves throughout Southern Odisha.

Embedded within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) paradigm, TPSODL orchestrates Mobile Health Dispensaries (MHD) exclusively tailored to cater to the healthcare exigencies of remote hamlets nestled in the hinterlands of Southern Odisha. This pioneering initiative endeavors to ferry essential healthcare services directly to the doorsteps of communities beleaguered by the vicissitudes of geographical impediments.

Outfitted with an MBBS doctor, a pharmacist, and a nurse each, the twin Mobile Health Dispensaries (MHDs) stationed at Boudh and Jeypore under the aegis of TPSODL have administered healthcare interventions to upwards of 40,000 individuals. This expansive initiative spans across 992 villages and 449 Gram Panchayats, thereby extending its benevolent outreach to a populace surpassing the 200,000 mark.

The Mobile Health Dispensaries proffer a gamut of services encompassing complimentary consultations, therapeutic interventions, and dispensation of medications to the indigent populace. Operating incessantly throughout the month, these healthcare encampments not only furnish medical scrutiny and prescriptions but also dispense pharmaceuticals gratuitously. The primary beneficiaries of these outreach endeavors predominantly comprise the elderly denizens, women, and children, thereby garnering a significant turnout.

“On the auspicious occasion of World Health Day, we solemnly reiterate our solemn vow to prioritize health and wellness for both our communities and our employees. Our Mobile Health Dispensaries situated in Boudh and Jeypore epitomize more than mere medical expeditions; they symbolize our steadfast commitment to ensure parity in healthcare accessibility. We staunchly believe that healthcare is an inalienable right, and through our concerted initiatives, we are resolutely committed to materializing this verity for every individual under our purview,” elucidated Mr. Amit Garg, CEO – TPSODL.

By espousing a concerted focus on health and wellness, TPSODL not only augments the standard of living for communities strewn across Southern Odisha but also sets a commendable precedent for corporate involvement in societal well-being.