Odisha: TPCODL Successfully Concludes Safety Month Campaign 2024

Odisha: TPCODL Successfully Concludes Safety Month Campaign 2024

Bhubaneswar: TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL), a collaborative effort between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, proudly announced its successful culmination of the National Safety Month Campaign 2024. The closing ceremony, held on April 5th in Bhubaneswar, marked the conclusion of an extensive month-long endeavor aimed at instilling a profound culture of safety and occupational health awareness within its workforce.

The commencement of the National Safety Day, which also marked the inauguration of the Safety Month Campaign 2024, began on March 4th with the observance of Lineman Diwas and the 53rd National Safety Day. Throughout this period, TPCODL meticulously orchestrated a series of initiatives across its 5 Circles. These efforts included the ceremonious hoisting of the National Safety Day (NSD) flag, administration of the Safety Oath, reflective Safety Pause sessions, enlightening addresses by Section/Division Managers and esteemed Mentors/Guests, and invaluable experience-sharing sessions facilitated by Linemen.

In its unwavering commitment to incident prevention and the safeguarding of lives, TPCODL implemented a plethora of initiatives throughout the month. Moreover, the company organized various competitions designed to actively engage and incentivize participation among its workforce. These competitions encompassed daily online Safety Quizzes, the creation of Safety Posters, and the formulation of safety slogans tailored for both TPCODL and Business Associate (BA) employees, as well as their families.

Mr. Arvind Singh, CEO of TPCODL, commended the enthusiastic participation of employees throughout the campaign, emphasizing, “The successful culmination of the National Safety Month Campaign 2024 underscores the resolute dedication of our employees towards fostering a secure work environment. Their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to embracing safety initiatives are truly commendable, epitomizing our shared organizational values.”

As part of the closing ceremony, accolades were bestowed upon the winners and participants of the various competitions held during the Safety Month. This gesture served to acknowledge and further incentivize the efforts made in advancing safety and occupational health awareness within the organization.

Looking ahead, TPCODL remains steadfast in its pledge to uphold the highest safety standards across its operational domain, steadfastly striving to perpetuate a culture where safety reigns supreme.