Thailand keen on fostering connections with Odisha

Thailand is keen on fostering connections with Odisha

Konark: The 5th Odisha Travel Bazaar 2024, organized by the Tourism Department of Odisha in collaboration with FICCI, showcased the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Odisha. Esteemed foreign tour operators from 14 countries and representatives from 17 Indian states graced the event, with the highlight being the immersive familiarization (FAM) trip designed to unveil the grandeur of Odisha’s heritage.

Commencing at the iconic Sun Temple in Konark, foreign tour operators were captivated by its architectural brilliance and cultural significance dating back to the 13th century. The Srimandira Parikrama Prakalpa provided a spiritual journey around the revered Jagannath Temple, deepening participants’ understanding of Odisha’s spiritual ethos.

Exploration extended to the ancient Buddhist complexes of Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udaygiri, offering insights into Odisha’s rich Buddhist history. The modern touch of Bhubaneswar’s Heritage sites showcased the seamless blend of tradition and urban development.

Set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, the Eco Retreat in Konark facilitated networking and cultural exchange, fostering discussions on positioning Odisha as a premier tourist destination.

A group of tour operators experienced Odisha’s hospitality firsthand by opting to stay in hotels in Puri, embodying the warm and welcoming spirit of the state.

The event aimed to not only showcase Odisha’s diverse tourism offerings but also to forge collaborations and partnerships between its tourism industry and international travel agencies. With participants from across the globe, the 5th Odisha Travel Bazaar 2024 solidified the state’s reputation as a must-visit destination, blending ancient heritage, spiritual sanctuaries, and modern amenities seamlessly.

In a promising development for international tourism, a delegation of tour operators from Thailand expressed keen interest in fostering connections with Odisha post their captivating visit during the event. Enthralled by the cultural richness and historical splendor, they recognized the potential for meaningful cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Mr. Suthm Sachaphimukh, MD of Exoress International, expressed enthusiasm about connecting people and extending tourism to Odisha, alongside his colleagues from Bangkok. Vice President of the Indian Association of Thailand, Somsong Schpmukh, highlighted the affinity of Thai people towards Buddhism, making Odisha’s Buddhist sites an appealing tourism prospect in Thailand.

Nuanchan Pientam from NC Tour and Enterpris, Thailand, praised Odisha as a beautiful place integral to the Buddhist circuit, emphasizing the significance of direct flights between Bangkok and Bhubaneswar in facilitating tourism.