Tata Steel Meramandali Announces Inaugural Half-Marathon In Dhenkanal

Tata Steel Meramandali Announces Inaugural Half-Marathon In Dhenkanal

Bhubaneswar: Tata Steel Meramandali (TSM), in partnership with the Dhenkanal District Administration, is thrilled to announce the inaugural Tata Steel Meramandali Half Marathon 2024. Set against the stunning backdrop of Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary, the run is scheduled for February 4, 2024.

During a press conference in Dhenkanal, the official T-shirt for the Run-a-thon-2024 was revealed by key figures, including Shri Manoranjan Mallick (District Collector & Magistrate, Dhenkanal), Shri Gyana Ranjan Mohapatra (Superintendent of Police, Dhenkanal), Shri Sumit Kar (Divisional Forest Officer, Dhenkanal), Shri Pradeep Kumar Mohanty (District Sports Officer, Dhenkanal), Shri Mohit Das (Chief, Corporate Services, Tata Steel Meramandali), and Shri Mukul Choudhari (Chief Sports, Tata Steel).

Diverging from the format of the previous editions, which were confined to 10km and 5km runs within its plant premises, the first Half-Marathon is set to unfold beyond the periphery of the Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary near Dhenkanal town. This shift aims to showcase the rich biodiversity of Kapilash, emphasizing the conservation of its distinctive flora and fauna, with a particular focus on elephant protection. The event also aims to promote awareness about a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and a sporting spirit, especially among the youth. The event features three competitive races—21 km and 10 km runs for those aged 19 years and above, and a 5 km run for boys and girls aged 14 to 19 years.

Commending Tata Steel Meramandali for organizing the event, Shri Manoranjan Mallick, District Collector & Magistrate of Dhenkanal, stated, “This half marathon is set to take place at the district’s best tourist attraction, Kapilash. National and international-level athletes will grace the event as our guests. We hope this run will be one of the grandest events of this region.”

Expressing optimism, Shri Gyana Ranjan Mohapatra, Superintendent of Police in Dhenkanal, said, “With Tata Steel’s experience in organizing such run events, we hope to make the first Tata Steel Meramandali Half-marathon a grand success. It will become one of India’s premier events in the country’s sports calendar.”

Shri Sumit Kar, Divisional Forest Officer in Dhenkanal, added, “We were looking for a big platform, and Tata Steel approached us, providing a mega-platform for the run event. I’m grateful for their support. The event at Kapilash Sanctuary will showcase cultural heritage amid current environmental concerns. I’m confident it will not only bring honor to the district but also attract national-level athletes to showcase their talent.”

Registration is now open, and participants can secure their spots through the official website https://shorturl.at/rvy09 until January 20, 2024. With limited slots for 4000 participants, enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration fees are Rs. 400 for the 21 km run, Rs. 300 for the 10 km run, and Rs. 150 for the 5 km run.

Each participant will receive an exciting goodie bag, including T-shirts, BIB Chips, along with refreshments at the venue.

The Tata Steel Meramandali Half Marathon 2024 features a total cash award of Rs 9.64 lakhs and trophies for 30 participants. The highest prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh awaits each Men and Women category winner of the 21 km run.

To meet international standards, the event will integrate cutting-edge technology, including Timing Mats, RFID chips, split timing mats on the route, tracking cameras, and Wi-Fi networks. National level agencies with expertise in organizing similar runs across the country will oversee these enhancements. In the spirit of collective well-being, Tata Steel has also collaborated with MGM Minerals Ltd., BRG, Nava Limited, Angul Energy Limited, and Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited to organize the Half Marathon.

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