Tata Power Led Odisha Discoms Achieve A+ Ranking Among National Power Utilities 

Tata Power Led Odisha Discoms Achieve A+ Ranking Among National Power Utilities 
  • Ranking as per Ministry of Power’s 12th Annual Integrated Rating & Ranking of Power Distribution Utilities
  • TPCODL and TPWODL among the top 10 utilities with A+ rating
  • Evaluation based on three pillars- Financial Sustainability, Performance Excellence and External Environment
  • In the last three years, Odisha Discoms made significant improvements in customer service, operational and financial performance
  • Company’s discoms have a cumulative consumer base of 1.3 Cr and serve a populace of 6 Cr in various parts of India

Bhubaneshwar: Tata Power, in collaboration with the Government of Odisha, has propelled the Odisha Distribution Companies (Discoms) to the forefront of national utilities. The 12th Annual Integrated Ratings of Power Distribution Utilities, recently released by the Ministry of Power via the Power Finance Corporation, underscores this achievement. These ratings, which consider operational and financial performance, regulatory compliance, customer service, and energy efficiency, among other factors, have bestowed top honors upon the Odisha Discoms.

TP Central Odisha Distribution, TP Western Odisha Distribution, and TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited have each earned an impressive score of 91.1 out of 100, securing an A+ grade. Meanwhile, TP Southern Odisha Distribution has achieved a commendable B grade.

These rankings reflect the exemplary service and consistent delivery of reliable, high-quality power to consumers by the company’s discoms. Moreover, they attest to the remarkable performance of Odisha Discoms, which have ascended in rankings within just three years of operation, owing to enhanced operational and financial efficiency. Out of 55 electricity distribution utilities evaluated, 12 have attained the prestigious A+ rating.

Under its distribution business in Odisha, Tata Power manages four discoms: TP Central, TP Southern, TP Northern, and TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited. These entities have been instrumental in furnishing dependable and affordable electricity to approximately 5 crore individuals across rural and urban areas.

Collectively, Tata Power Discoms cater to a consumer base of 1.3 crore across Mumbai, Delhi, and Odisha, benefiting a populace of 6 crores. The rating report, compiled by McKinsey & Company, is based on the discoms’ performance during the financial year 2022-2023.