SOA Hotel Management Institute To Host ‘Pakhala Festival’ From April 3

SOA Hotel Management Institute To Host ‘Pakhala Festival’ From April 3

Bhubaneswar: The culinary delight known as ‘Pakhala’ holds a revered place in Odia culture, embodying a rich tradition that spans generations. It consists of cooked rice, either washed or lightly fermented in water, a dish cherished across the length and breadth of the state through the annals of time.

In Odisha, ‘Pakhala’ is not merely a seasonal delicacy but a culinary treasure enjoyed throughout the year, albeit eagerly anticipated during the scorching summer months, renowned for its manifold health benefits.

Beyond the borders of Odisha, ‘Pakhala’ transcends its regional origins, finding admirers in the eastern expanse of India and even traversing geographical boundaries to captivate palates in neighboring nations such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of Myanmar. Such is its significance that it’s offered as a sacred offering to the deities at the revered Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri.

In recent times, this humble dish has ascended to the tables of high-end restaurants, witnessing a surge in popularity among connoisseurs of fine dining. In a bid to further promote its gastronomic allure and enable enthusiasts to savor its distinctive flavors, the School of Hotel Management (SHM), part of SOA’s distinguished faculty of hospitality and tourism management, is set to host a five-day extravaganza dubbed the ‘Pakhala Festival’ at their esteemed institute from April 3rd to 7th.

“The primary aim behind orchestrating this event is to propagate the rich heritage of Odisha’s culinary tradition amongst the epicureans of the capital city,” remarked Professor Susant Ranjan Chaini, the esteemed Dean of SHM.

Guests attending the festival can expect to be treated to servings of ‘Pakhala,’ celebrated for its cooling and probiotic properties, alongside an array of tantalizing accompaniments, all within an ambiance that exquisitely captures the essence of Odia culture and lifestyle.

Under the adept guidance of Professor Chaini and other esteemed faculty members, students will spearhead the organization of this annual spectacle. The institute’s restaurant will play host, serving up generous helpings of ‘Pakhala’ and its accompanying delights from 12 noon to 3 pm throughout the duration of the festival.

A plethora of ‘Pakhala’ variations such as ‘Usuna Pakhala,’ ‘Arua Pakhala,’ ‘Dahi Pakhala,’ ‘Lembu Pakhala,’ and ‘Ada Pakhala’ will be on offer, accompanied by an assortment of delectable dishes including ‘fish patrapoda,’ ‘chingudi chhecha,’ ‘chuna machha bhaja,’ ‘kukuda kassa,’ ‘sukhua bhaja,’ ‘pohala bhaja,’ ‘chingudi jharjhari,’ ‘chhatu patrapoda,’ ‘alu kalara batti tarkari,’ ‘alu bhaja,’ ‘saga bhaja,’ ‘baigan bharta,’ ‘gota bhendi bhaja,’ ‘poda tomato chutney,’ and ‘amba chhecha chutney.’