Odisha achieves second highest ever collection of gross GST of Rs. 5109.33 cr

Odisha achieves second highest ever collection of gross GST of Rs. 5109.33 cr

Bhubaneswar: In March 2024, Odisha achieved its second-highest Gross GST (CGST+ IGST+ OGST + Cess) collection ever, totaling Rs. 5109.33 Cr, compared to Rs. 4749.02 Cr in March 2023, marking a growth rate of 7.59%. The highest ever Gross GST collection was in February 2024, reaching Rs. 5135.81 Cr.

For the fiscal year 2023-24 up to March 2024, Odisha’s progressive Gross GST collection amounted to Rs. 54747.97 Cr, showing a growth of 10.73% over the corresponding period of FY 2022-23.

Furthermore, Odisha recorded its third-highest State GST (OGST + IGST Settlement) collection ever in March 2024, reaching Rs. 2305.90 Cr, compared to Rs. 1919.43 Cr in March 2023, demonstrating an impressive growth rate of 20.13%. The highest and second-highest State GST collections were also achieved in the current fiscal year, with Rs. 2700.85 Cr in November 2023 and Rs. 2528.41 Cr in December 2023, respectively.

Specifically, the OGST collection in March amounted to Rs. 1659.31 Cr, marking the third-highest ever. The highest and second-highest OGST collections occurred in April 2022 (Rs. 1714.78 Cr) and April 2023 (Rs. 1659.57 Cr), respectively.

The cumulative collection of State GST (OGST + IGST Settlement) up to March 2024 reached Rs. 24051.45 Cr, compared to Rs. 18600.52 Cr up to March 2023, showing a growth rate of 29.31%.

In terms of all Acts monitored by the Commissionerate of CT & GST, Odisha, including OGST/ IGST Settlement, VAT, and Profession Tax, the collection in March 2024 amounted to Rs. 4458.83 Cr, compared to Rs. 3899.40 Cr in March 2023, with a growth rate of 14.35%. The cumulative collection under all Acts up to March 2024 reached Rs. 37160.81 Cr, showing a growth rate of 19.80% over the corresponding period up to March 2023.

During March 2024, 24.40 Lakh waybills were generated, reflecting an 11.36% growth compared to March 2023, indicating vitality in the state economy. Of these, 14.45 Lakh were intra-state waybills, while 9.96 Lakh were inter-state waybills.