Salman Khan turns 58, millions of fans extend wishes to their beloved star

Salman Khan turns 58, millions of fans extend wishes to their beloved star

Mumbai: On his 58th birthday today, the celebrated superstar Salman Khan is being showered with wishes from millions of fans and well-wishers nationwide, marking this special occasion dedicated to their beloved star.

Salman Khan stands as an indisputable giant in the realm of Indian cinema, a true luminary who has etched his name in the annals of box office history. The festivities take diverse forms, ranging from sharing joy with underprivileged children to aiding those in need, all echoing Salman’s own acts of benevolence.

Over the years, Salman Khan has solidified his position as the quintessential action hero, delivering a string of blockbuster films in the genre. His cinematic prowess is underscored by an unparalleled achievement: being the sole figure in 90s Indian cinema to boast 10 highest-grossing films and the only superstar to consecutively deliver 17 films entering the coveted 100 crore club at the box office.

As the nation’s superstar celebrates his birthday today, the occasion transforms into a jubilant festival for fans and audiences alike. Social media platforms are abuzz with the hashtag #HappyBirthdaySalmanKhan, a testament to the immense love showered upon him. Industry luminaries also extend their wishes, with Salman Khan Films sharing a special video featuring compliments and wishes of some of the biggest stars.

Aamir Khan, in the video, praises Salman’s megastardom, expressing that the mere presence of Salman in a room exudes a superstar aura. Ranveer Singh marvels at the unprecedented euphoria Salman generates, particularly when showcasing his muscular prowess. Kareena Kapoor Khan, who shared the screen with Salman in “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” declares herself a huge fan. Varun Dhawan commends Salman’s unwavering commitment, emphasizing his resolute nature once he takes on a project. Concluding the video, Tiger Shroff asserts that in the industry, there’s only one Tiger, and that’s Salman Khan.