Bhubaneswar Glams Up With Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival

Bhubaneswar Glams Up With Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival

Experiencing the splendorous spectacle of a fashion show featuring the radiant presence of Sanya Malhotra,  showcasing the exquisite creations of designer Nachiket Barve, the pulsating beats of Ritviz and the Progressive Brothers, immerse yourself in a realm of high-fashion experiences curated by vibrant lifestyle brands- The captivating essence of India’s inaugural fashion festival.

In a groundbreaking departure from conventional fashion showcases, the Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival illuminated the cityscape on the 2nd of March with a pioneering avant-garde extravaganza. As India’s inaugural experiential fashion fiesta, it congregated an array of stellar experiences exuding haute couture, pulsating musical renditions, and immersive installations orchestrated by some of India’s most cutting-edge lifestyle brands.

Attendees found themselves ensconced in a magnetic realm brimming with sartorial elegance and panache. The event unfurled with a spectacular fashion spectacle orchestrated by the maestro designer Nachiket Barve, alongside an innovative exhibition dubbed Fashion NXT Spotlight, curated by the Fashion Design Council of India, featuring nine leading Indian designers: AlpanaNeeraj, Bloni, Antar Agni, MandiraWirk, Geisha Designs, Verandah, ShwetaKapoor, TanieyaKhanuja, and Nitin Bal Chauhan.

While Nachiket, accompanied by the perennially glamorous actor Sanya Malhotra, showcased his collection ‘La Dolce Vita,’ seamlessly blending travel-inspired motifs with a resplendent palette of black and gold, the Fashion NXT Spotlight unveiled emerging fashion paradigms across three distinct themes: WANDERLUXE, epitomizing the infusion of luxury into holiday attire; GLOSS & GLAM, embodying contemporary glamour in haute couture; and INTERGLAMATIC, showcasing futuristic-inspired fashion trends.

The zenith of the evening was marked by electrifying musical performances, commencing with an enthralling set by DJ Rabab, followed by an upbeat spectacle by the Progressive Brothers, culminating in a foot-stomping performance by the acclaimed Ritviz, setting the festival-goers’ spirits alight. The effervescent VJ and actor Anusha Dandekar charmed as the hostess, adding an extra layer of style and allure to the festivities.

Furthermore, the festival played host to a plethora of stellar collaborations with coveted lifestyle brands such as Nasher Miles, All You Can Street, Doodle Mapuls, Beardo, and The Styling Room by Anisha Gandhi. These brands orchestrated a series of captivating pop-ups, featuring innovative DIY experiences, live art demonstrations, styling stations, and more, ensuring that attendees remained engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer at Pernod Ricard India, remarked, “As we continue to chart new territories in the realm of fashion in India, the Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festivals introduce a remarkable new format, diversifying our experiences into previously unexplored territories. We are thrilled to collaborate with some of India’s finest fashion designers, celebrities, and lifestyle brands who share our vision of providing an immersive gateway into the realm of style and glamour.”

Reflecting on the Fashion NXT Festival, designer Nachiket Barve expressed, “The Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival in Bhubaneswar has set a precedent for reimagining fashion beyond the confines of the runway, offering a more immersive experience for the younger generation. Together with Sanya Malhotra, I am immensely proud to redefine the future of fashion experiences in India.”

Actor Sanya Malhotra enthused, “Participating in India’s inaugural fashion festival is exhilarating! The experience crafted by the Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival for Bhubaneswar is truly captivating. Nachiket’s collection epitomizes a glamorous interpretation of the next wave in red carpet fashion, and it was an incredible honor to grace the ramp in his creation.”

Ashish Soni, Curator-in-Chief of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion NXT, remarked, “The Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival heralds an exciting evolution in fashion experiences in India. It transcends being a mere showcase of future trends, instead serving as a platform that brings forth a confluence of high fashion, glamorous style, and an enthralling festival experience to audiences anew, in a manner hitherto unseen.”

Commenting on their enduring partnership with the brand, Sunil Sethi, Chairman of the Fashion Design Council of India, asserted, “The Fashion Design Council of India takes immense pride in being associated with the Blenders Pride Fashion NXT Festival. We are delighted to curate the FASHION NXT SPOTLIGHT, a compelling exposition of emerging style trends by some of the most forward-thinking designers in India.”