Petrol and Diesel Transport Affected due to the strike call by the drivers 

Petrol and Diesel Transport Affected due to the strike call by the drivers 

Bhubaneswar: Petrol and diesel transport has been affected due to the strike call by the drivers to quit steering wheel as informed by Sanjay Lath, General Secretary of the Utkal Petroleum Dealers Association.

He said, 20 percent more petrol and diesel was sold in the state yesterday due to people’s panic. Due to similar movement yesterday, petrol and diesel loading decreased by 75 percent. Yesterday, only 25% of the tankers were loaded with oil. Oil loading from Paradip depot is completely stopped today.  Similarly few oil tankers were loaded at  Jatni and Balswar depots. If this situation continues, many petrol tanks will run out of petrol and diesel by tomorrow afternoon.

According to the OMFED authorities, OMFED milk supply has been affected due to the drivers’ strike. Milk supply affected in Bhubaneswar and Keonjhar. Efforts are being made by OMFED to supply milk through its own vans. Only 50% milk supply is possible in the morning with own efforts.

The transportation of petrol and diesel is currently facing disruptions as drivers have gone on strike, abandoning their steering wheels in response to a call for protest. Sanjay Lath, the General Secretary of the Utah Petroleum Dealers Association, conveyed that there was a surge in panic-driven fuel purchases, resulting in a 20% increase in petrol and diesel sales in the state yesterday. 

However, due to the ongoing strike, the loading of petrol and diesel experienced a significant decline of 75% during the previous day. Specifically, only 25% of the oil tankers were loaded, and the loading of oil from the Paradip depot has come to a complete halt today. Similar situations were observed at the Jatni and Balswar depots, where only a few oil tankers were loaded. If this situation persists, many petrol stations may run out of fuel by tomorrow afternoon.

In addition to the fuel supply disruptions, the strike by drivers has also impacted the milk supply chain, as reported by OMFED authorities. Bhubaneswar and Keonjhar are particularly affected by the decline in milk supply. OMFED is actively working to address the issue by attempting to deliver milk through its own vehicles. However, the efforts are expected to result in only a 50% milk supply in the morning. The situation remains uncertain, and if the strike continues, it could lead to further challenges in fuel and milk availability.