Nita M Ambani: “ESA Day Is The Favourite Game Of The Players, The Staff And The Coaches”

Nita M Ambani: “ESA Day Is The Favourite Game Of The Players, The Staff And The Coaches”

Mrs Ambani and Mumbai Indians’ Icon Sachin Tendulkar spoke about the importance of sport in children’s lives

Mumbai: Mumbai Indians secured a resounding victory against Delhi Capitals in front of a crowd comprising 18,000 children from diverse NGOs across Mumbai. Mrs. Nita M Ambani, the team’s owner, along with cricketing icon Sachin Tendulkar, reflected on the significance of the ESA day within the Mumbai Indians community.

Mrs. Ambani engaged with the children during the match, discussing their experiences and the importance of the Education and Sports for All initiative. She remarked, “The presence of these children fills the stadium with positivity and joy. Among the 18,000 children from various NGOs, there might be a future sports star. I hope they leave with cherished memories and the courage to pursue their dreams.”

Tendulkar reminisced about his initial visits to the stadium, emphasizing Mrs. Ambani’s vision in providing life-changing experiences for children. He stated, “Positivity is what players crave. The continuous improvement in this initiative is remarkable. Children represent the future, and investing in them is crucial for a better tomorrow.”

Mrs. Ambani elaborated on the lessons children can glean from sports, such as discipline and resilience. She highlighted the expansive reach of ESA, reaching out to millions of children in remote areas, providing them with opportunities for growth.

The ESA day holds a special place for everyone involved with Mumbai Indians, as it allows players, staff, and coaches to connect with enthusiastic young fans. Mrs. Ambani expressed anticipation for this event each year.

ESA, symbolized by Mumbai Indians, aims to democratize educational and sports experiences for children from all backgrounds, inspiring them to pursue their dreams. Since its inception in 2010, ESA has been integral to Mumbai Indians’ commitment to nurturing and motivating young minds, impacting over 22 million children across India.

Guided by the ‘We Care’ philosophy, Reliance Foundation, through ESA, conducts various educational and sports activities throughout the year, leaving a lasting impression on millions of children nationwide.