A comprehensive discourse on bone tumors took place at SUM Hospital

A comprehensive discourse on bone tumors took place at SUM Hospital

Bhubaneswar: The intricate topic of bone tumors and their associated interventions took center stage at a mid-term Continuing Medical Education (CME) program organized by the Musculoskeletal Society India (MSS), held at the renowned Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital on a recent Sunday.

Throughout the day-long seminar, distinguished speakers delved into the latest advancements in imaging technologies and methodologies for approaching bone tumors, emphasizing the significance of radiographs in diagnosing and managing this condition.

Themed “MSK Tumours Imaging and Interventions,” the CME, conducted in collaboration with the Odisha Radiological and Imaging Association (ORIA) and IMS and SUM Hospital, aimed to shed light on the intricate landscape of musculoskeletal tumor imaging and the corresponding interventions.

Dr. Jayaraj Govindaraj, President of the Musculoskeletal Society and Co-Organizing Chairman of the event, passionately discussed the transformative role of nuclear scans in bone tumor diagnosis, labeling it as a pivotal advancement. He underscored the imperative nature of continuous knowledge enhancement, particularly stressing its significance for students in the medical field.

Organizing Chairman of the CME, Dr. Satya S.G. Mohapatra, led discussions on diverse aspects of bone tumor diagnosis and various imaging modalities, with a particular focus on benign bone tumors.

Further insights were provided by Dr. Adya Kinkar Panda, Organizing Secretary of the event, and Dr. Dharmendra K. Singh, MSS Secretary and Co-Organizing Secretary, who also shared their expertise during the seminar. The event attracted a multitude of experts from across the nation, enriching the discussions with diverse perspectives.

Dr. Panda highlighted the heightened vulnerability of children to bone tumors, underscoring the importance of timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment. He pointed out the presence of a dedicated pediatric oncology department at IMS and SUM Hospital, equipped to provide comprehensive care for affected children.