New Expansion Of Kalinga Hospital With State-Of-The-Art Facilities Inaugurated 

New Expansion Of Kalinga Hospital With State-Of-The-Art Facilities Inaugurated 

Bhubaneswar:Kalinga Hospital Ltd. (KHL) in Bhubaneswar, a prominent healthcare institution in Odisha, unveiled its latest expansion aimed at delivering superior patient care and furthering advancements in community healthcare.

The inauguration of the new expansion, boasting state-of-the-art facilities, underscores KHL’s dedication to excellence in healthcare. This expansion includes the introduction of the Dr. SK Dash Block, generously funded by Dr. SitaKantha Dash, Chairman of KHL. The addition of this block enhances the features of Kalinga Hospital Ltd. by incorporating the following facilities:

• Increase of 50 beds with state-of-the-art facilities including 30 ICU beds

• Additional 4 OTs – the facilities like advanced Ortho Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Renal Sciences & Gastro Sciences surgeries

• Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) with advanced technology and enhanced equipment

• Expansion of kidney transplant unit where infection control is our key focus

• Advanced isolation critical care unit, centralized nursing system in the new intensive care unit (ICU) enhances the turn-around time for patient’s response

• The new unit had advanced gastro sciences, day care unit, where along with advanced equipment, patients may undergo gastro procedures in a day-care service

• Rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit is an added service in this building a dedicated Precision Medicine Centre, leveraging genetic information and advanced diagnostics for personalized treatment plans.

New Expansion Of Kalinga Hospital With State-Of-The-Art Facilities Inaugurated 

Shri Raghubar Das, the Honorable Governor of Odisha, commended Dr. SitaKantha Dash, Chairman, and the entire team at Kalinga Hospital Ltd. for their steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services to citizens.

He praised their commendable efforts to enhance the well-being of the community, reflecting the state’s spirit of service and compassion.

Dr. SitaKantha Dash, Chairman of Kalinga Hospital Ltd., expressed gratitude for the perseverance and growth witnessed over the past two years despite challenges. With a new leadership team in place, he emphasized the hospital’s readiness to usher in a new era of healthcare excellence, growing stronger each day.

Ms. Nilanjana Mukherjee, Managing Director of Kalinga Hospital Ltd., celebrated the grand inauguration of the A3 Block, named the “Dr. SK Dash Block” in honor of the Chairman’s contributions. She described this event as a pivotal moment, reaffirming the hospital’s unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare excellence. She expressed deep gratitude to the Chairman for his visionary leadership guiding them throughout this transformative journey.

As they embark on this transformative journey, they expressed pride in having the community alongside them, witnessing the evolution of a healthcare institution that has been integral to the community for three decades.