MCAPS: Empowering Students With Advanced Career Counseling

MCAPS: Empowering Students With Advanced Career Counseling

Bhubaneswar: A proactive society, Mo College Abhijan Parichalana Sangathan(MCAPS), operating under HED, is continually advancing its efforts to empower and educate students in various aspects such as skill development, career counseling, sports, and other enriching activities, aimed at paving the way for a prosperous future.

One recent endeavor was a seminar titled ‘Skill Training and Advanced Career Counseling’ in collaboration with Mentroz, a platform dedicated to career excellence. This seminar aimed to assist students in making informed career choices by providing skill training using cutting-edge intelligence. The pilot counseling program was successfully conducted at BJB Autonomous College, Khordha, and Udayanath Autonomous College of Science & Technology, Adaspur, Cuttack.

At BJB Autonomous College, a leading educational institution in the state, a skill training and career counseling program was organized, with an introductory speech by Dr. Lipsa Mishra, the coordinator of BJB’s career counseling cell. She elaborated on the institution’s initiatives and objectives in facilitating career development.

Prof. Itishree Padhi, the Principal of BJB College, commended Mo College’s initiative, emphasizing its potential to extend students’ horizons beyond the confines of the college. She encouraged students to prioritize career planning, viewing it as crucial for unlocking their limitless potential.

Meanwhile, Prof. Arun Kumar Swain, the Principal of Udayanath Autonomous College, along with Mo College Coordinator Shri Nirmal Pradhan, college staff, members of the college counseling cell, and approximately 250 students, actively participated in the program. Prof. Swain stressed the importance of addressing employment needs through educational guidance, highlighting the significance of career planning in shaping students’ futures.

Shri Manas Mohanty, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Mentroz, underscored the importance of career planning and shared insights on achieving excellence, drawing from his extensive 15+ years of experience. He applauded Mo College Abhijan’s commitment to shaping students’ careers through innovative seminars, webinars, and career guidance programs, expressing pride in Mentroz’s collaboration with Mo College.

MCAPS: Empowering Students With Advanced Career Counseling

Dr. Sampriti Panda, the MCAPS coordinator at BJB College, emphasized the critical role of career planning in providing direction, setting goals, and ensuring strategic professional growth for graduates. Expressing gratitude to Mo College Abhijan and Mentroz for their informative session, Dr. Panda highlighted its value in helping students make informed career decisions.

Subhakanta Behera, a final-year student of Anthropology Hons, praised the program for offering insights into various career opportunities and personalized guidance, facilitating a clearer understanding of professional goals. Similarly, Jyotismita Behera, another final-year student, lauded Mo College for acting as a catalyst in shaping students’ futures through career counseling programs, highlighting the enriching experience of interactive sessions with experts.

Mo College aims to organize similar events across various colleges and universities in the state, as confirmed by an official statement from Mo College.