E-Sims for enhanced, efficient connectivity: Gopal Vittal of Airtel

E-Sims for enhanced, efficient connectivity: Gopal Vittal of Airtel

New Delhi : Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), one of India’s leading telecommunications service provider, today, in a customer letter emphasized the advancements in mobile technology with embedded SIMs (e-SIMs) and encouraged Airtel users to make the switch to an e-SIM.Bharti Airtel has streamlined the e-SIM upgrade process through the Airtel Thanks App, simplifying the transition from a physical SIM to an e-SIM.

An e-SIM is an online extension of one’s regular SIM card, eliminating the need to physically access the SIM card on one’s phone. In today’s digital-first lifestyle and with the increasing penetration of newer models of smart wearables, smartphones, etc. being e-SIM enabled, the shift from physical SIM to e-SIM can provide seamless connectivity between multiple devices.

In the customer letter, Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO, Bharti Airtel cited a few examples where an e-SIM comes in handy for users. Like when going for a morning jog, now Airtel e-SIM users can just wear their smartwatch and be connected to their phone without having to physically carry it. e-SIMs also helpagainst theft as it makes it more difficult for the criminals to disconnect the e-SIM from the stolen device as compared to physical SIMs; also making a lost phone easily traceable. e-SIMs let customers use multiple mobile phone numbers on single SIM and device and makes shifting from a device to the other easy and seamless.

Airtel has tried to make the switch to an e-SIM as seamless as possible for customers. The Airtel CEO highlighted that all devices supporting the e-SIM feature are compatible with Airtel e-SIM. Customers can easily convert a physical SIM into an e-SIM through the Airtel Thanks App, available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Stores.

For more information on e-SIM for smartphones or smartwatches and a step-by-step conversion process, Airtel customers can visit www.airtel.in/esim. Airtel ensures efficient connectivity by activating the e-SIM profile as soon as it’s downloaded and enabled. Further details and Airtel e-SIM Card FAQs can be found on the provided URL.