Daytime temperatures are expected to increase starting from April 15:  CEC

Daytime temperatures are expected to increase starting from April 15:  CEC

Bhubaneswar: The current comfortable day temperatures experienced across Odisha, following recent rains in various parts, are expected to increase starting from April 15, as reported by the SOA’s Centre for Environment and Climate (CEC) on Wednesday. 

According to Dr. Sarat Chandra Das, Director of CEC, there will be a slight rise in temperatures in the southern interior districts from April 14, but a steady increase is anticipated from the following day. This escalation coincides with the dissipation of an anti-cyclone along the Odisha coast in the Bay of Bengal by April 15.

The disappearance of this anti-cyclone will disrupt the sea breeze towards the coastal regions of Odisha, facilitating the inflow of dry, hot northwesterly air into the state under clear sky conditions. Dr. Sahu highlighted that these conditions are likely to elevate the day temperatures significantly.

Anti-cyclones are meteorological phenomena characterized by high barometric pressure at their centers, around which air circulates slowly in a clockwise direction. Such systems are typically associated with calm and fair weather conditions.

From April 17 onwards, extreme heat conditions are expected to be felt, with coastal Odisha stations potentially recording day temperatures ranging from 42 to 44 degrees Celsius by April 18. Dr. Sahu further noted that some coastal areas might even experience higher temperatures compared to the interior regions of Odisha.