Vedanta Aluminium Observes National Road Safety Month At Jharsuguda In Odisha

Vedanta Aluminium Observes National Road Safety Month At Jharsuguda In Odisha

Jharsuguda: Vedanta Aluminium, the largest aluminum producer in India,  observed  National Road Safety Month in Jharsuguda by conducting an extensive awareness campaign lasting a month. This initiative, in alignment with the State Government’s ‘Sadak Suraksha, Parivar Raksha’ and the Ministry of Road Transport’s ‘Be a Road Safety Hero’ campaigns, aimed to educate over 25,000 citizens on the importance of following traffic rules and maintaining road safety standards.

The campaign included various activities such as awareness sessions, road safety rallies, screenings of short films advocating road safety, and street plays featuring characters like Yamraj and Chitragupta, which received positive feedback from participants and spectators.

These awareness efforts covered key areas of Jharsuguda town and were integrated into events like Republic Day Celebrations. Additionally, first aid and emergency response training sessions were conducted for employees and business partners, along with free medical camps and defensive driving programs.

Prominent officials, including Shri Priti Ranjan Ghadai, Minister of Rural and Skill Development, and Ms. Aboli Sunil Naravane, District Collector and Magistrate, attended the company’s Road Safety Month initiatives. Mr. Sunil Gupta, COO of Vedanta Aluminium, emphasized the company’s commitment to safety and community welfare, stating their aim to embed a ‘Safety-first, Always’ culture.

Mr. Dinabandhu Sundhi, Regional Transport Officer, lauded Vedanta Aluminium’s efforts, highlighting their contribution to enhancing road safety awareness in the Jharsuguda community.

Vedanta Aluminium Observes National Road Safety Month At Jharsuguda In Odisha

Vedanta Aluminium has implemented various initiatives to reinforce its safety-centric approach, including the Sankalp program for safety culture transformation, augmented and virtual reality training, digitalization of operations, video analytics, and an all-women fire-fighting team called ‘Agnivahini.’ The company also conducts safety awareness sessions, mock drills, and training programs in collaboration with authorities.

As a leading producer of aluminum in India, Vedanta Aluminium is committed to sustainable development, reflected in its top ranking in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment 2023 for the aluminum industry. Through its world-class facilities, Vedanta Aluminium aims to promote the use of aluminum for greener applications, embodying its vision as the ‘Metal of the Future.’