V-TRANS Announces Ambitious Plans For Rapid  Expansion 

V-TRANS Announces Ambitious Plans For Rapid  Expansion 

New Delhi: V-Trans, a renowned player in the logistics sector, has announced ambitious plans for rapid expansion, with a target turnover of INR 3000 Crore by 2026. Renowned for its leadership in the industry, the company has revealed a comprehensive strategy centered on surface transport and harnessing technology for sustainable profitability.

Key Highlights of V-Trans’ Growth Strategy:

  1. Strategic Focus on Core Competencies: V-Trans will prioritize growth in its core area of expertise, surface transport, while also broadening its multimodal logistics activities, including air and road combinations.
  • Full Truckload (FTL) Segment: With the goal of tapping into the $120 billion FTL market, the company aims to increase its market share by enhancing efficiency and transparency in the procure-to-pay process through digitization.
  • Focus on Northern India Market: Given that 30% of its revenue is generated from northern India, V-Trans plans to make significant investments in expanding branches, warehouses, and infrastructure in this region.
  • Expansion in the Northern Region: V-Trans is set to establish new transshipment facilities in Ghaziabad and Zirkapur, in addition to its existing large warehouses in Haryana’s Dharuhara and Raliawas, which are already operational. Further expansions include opening new branches in third and fourth-tier cities in eastern UP, western UP, Uttarakhand, and Punjab.
  1. Technology Integration: Recognizing the pivotal role of technology, V-Trans has invested in a new ERP system to ensure advanced functionalities and API integrations with government portals, customers, and vendors for seamless information flow. Moreover, it is transitioning its financial system to the Standard Global platform for the entire group to enhance transparency and compliance.
  2. Third-Party Logistics Operation: V-Trans is expanding its third-party logistics operation under the V-Logis brand in the northern region, providing employment opportunities and world-class facilities.
  3. Sustainability Initiatives: The company is actively engaged in reducing its carbon footprint through optimization tools, efficient truck utilization, proper routing, and driver education. It has already implemented solar panel installations in all its large hubs, significantly reducing electricity consumption.

Mr. Mahendra Shah, Chairman and Managing Director of V-Trans (India) Ltd., commented, “At V-Trans, our vision extends beyond logistics to creating a future where growth is sustainable, technology is transformative, and our ecosystem thrives. The INR 3000 Crore turnover target by 2026 reflects not only our ambition but also our commitment to a responsible and impactful journey.

We are not just transporting goods; we are creating opportunities, embracing innovation, and contributing to a greener tomorrow.” He further added, “I am proud of the team’s dedication, and I assure our customers, partners, and stakeholders that V-Trans will continue to lead positive change in the logistics industry. Together, we are not merely moving goods; we are driving growth, fostering innovation, and building a future that exceeds expectations.”