Swami Vivekananda Opens India’s Door to the World: Odisha Governor Raghubar Das

Swami Vivekananda Opens India’s Door to the World: Odisha Governor Raghubar Das

Bhubaneswar: During the National Youth Day celebration at Ramakrishna Mission in Bhubaneswar, Governor of Odisha Raghubar Das highlighted Swami Vivekananda’s pivotal role in opening India’s doors to the world through his profound knowledge of Vedanta. Governor Das emphasized Swami Vivekananda’s strong belief in the transformative potential of the youth and their crucial role in steering the nation’s progress.

Addressing the gathering, Governor Das expressed India’s aspirations for a ‘Vikshit Bharat’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat,’ underscoring the global recognition of India’s youth excelling in diverse fields. He declared the 21st century as India’s century, with the youth at the forefront, echoing the sentiments of leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who envisions them as the driving force propelling the country to new heights in the next 25 years.

Governor Das acknowledged the efforts of Narendra Modi’s administration in providing diverse platforms to empower enthusiastic youths, leveraging digital and innovation revolutions. He expressed optimism about the New Education Policy (NEP) and its focus on imparting skills crucial for addressing current and future challenges.

Urging the youth to expand their intellectual knowledge, Governor Das emphasized the pivotal role of a skilled manpower base in shaping India’s future. He highlighted that the youth’s knowledge and special skills would unlock abundant possibilities in the journey towards a developed and self-reliant India.

Among others Vice-chancellor of Utkal University, Sabita Acharya, Adviser to Odisha Governor, Santosh Kumar Satpathy, joint secretary of Ramakrishna Mission in Bhubaneswar, Swami Atmaprabhananda Ji, and president managing committee of Ramakrishna Mission Dr Chandi Das  were present on the occasion.