SUM Hospital in Berhampur conducts CME on infection control

SUM Hospital in Berhampur conducts CME on infection control

Berhampur: Recently, a Continuing Medical Education (CME) program was conducted at the Sitalapalli campus of SUM Hospital, with the primary aim of emphasizing the imperative implementation of hospital infection control (HIC) practices. These practices stand as paramount safeguards against the proliferation of infections within hospital settings.

HIC practices encompass an array of measures and protocols meticulously devised to impede or halt the transmission of infections within hospital premises. These encompass fundamental aspects such as stringent adherence to hand hygiene, judicious utilization of personal protective equipment, meticulous management of biomedical waste, implementation of isolation precautions, and rigorous sterilization of equipment.

Spearheading this enlightening endeavor was Dr. Apurba S. Sastry, a distinguished infectious disease specialist and clinical microbiologist hailing from the esteemed Jawahar Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education, Puducherry. Dr. Sastry, recognized for his profound expertise and substantial contributions to the fields of research, education, and clinical practices, particularly in the realm of infectious disease prevention and management, served as the pivotal resource person for the event.

During the proceedings, Dr. Sastry underscored the pivotal role played by robust infection control practices in mitigating the emergence and proliferation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a global health concern of escalating magnitude.

Gracing the occasion with their presence were key figures in the medical fraternity, including Mr. Deba Prasad Dash, the Director of SUM Hospital, Sitalapalli campus, whose unwavering support bolstered the successful execution of the CME program. The inauguration of the event was dignified by the esteemed presence of Dr. Anand Sastry, the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.

Furthermore, the distinguished gathering witnessed Dr. E. Sanjeev Rao extend heartfelt felicitations to Dr. Sastry, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the realm of infectious disease control and management. Finally, expressing gratitude and appreciation, Dr. Manoj Panigrahi extended a vote of thanks, encapsulating the collective sentiment of acknowledgment and appreciation for the enlightening discourse facilitated by the CME program.