SOA University Celebrates 75th Republic Day 

SOA University Celebrates 75th Republic Day 

Bhubaneswar: Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan (SOA) commemorated the 75th Republic Day alongside the nation, with Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Amit Banerjee leading the flag-hoisting ceremony and encouraging students to actively participate in nation-building endeavors.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee emphasized the pivotal role of Indian citizens, especially the youth, in shaping the nation’s future. He stressed that nation-building is an ongoing process, not solely the responsibility of the government but a collective duty of all citizens. He urged everyone to perceive it as a privilege rather than a burden.

Highlighting India’s achievements across various sectors such as education, healthcare, economy, infrastructure, technology, social justice, and culture, Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee expressed pride in the nation’s progress. He emphasized the importance of upholding India’s unity and diversity.

The ceremony, held at the university’s stadium, was attended by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Pradipta Kumar Nanda, Deans, Directors, students, and officials from various institutions under SOA. The parade featured students from different institutions, NCC and NSS contingents, and a Plus Two science college contingent, among others.

Recognition was given to outstanding performers in the parade, with awards presented to the Plus Two Science College, the Institute of Business and Computer Studies (IBCS), and the NSS contingent.

The event also acknowledged the contributions of Mr. Ranbir Singh and Mr. Putta Siddharth from the NCC, who were felicitated by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. The festivities concluded with a vibrant cultural showcase featuring student performances.

Prof. (Dr.) Banerjee extended his remarks to international students studying at SOA, encouraging them to contribute to the global community by embracing academic and cultural diversity on campus and fostering mutual understanding between India and their respective countries.

At the university office, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nanda reiterated India’s achievements over the past year, including milestones like the Chandrayaan mission and advancements in digitalization. He highlighted SOA’s significant contributions to healthcare, mentioning the recent inauguration of the second campus of IMS and SUM Hospital at Phulnakhara, with plans for a third campus in Ganjam district underway.

Prof. Sitikantha Mishra, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of SOA, Prof. Nachieketa Sharma, Director of the University Outreach Program, Mr. Bhisma Charan Das and Mr. Sasanka Mishra, both Joint Registrars, were present among others.

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