Skill Development Program On Essentials Of Patents Held At CSIR-IMMT

Skill Development Program On Essentials Of Patents Held At CSIR-IMMT

Bhubaneswar: In a concerted effort to raise awareness about intellectual property rights (IPR), CSIR-IMMT’s InTEC organized  an intensive one-day skill development program titled “IP for ALL.” This endeavor seamlessly melded insightful lectures, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions, meticulously designed to unravel the intricacies of patents.

The event drew a staggering attendance of 400 participants hailing from diverse backgrounds, including students, academicians, researchers, industry professionals, and other stakeholders from across Odisha. This eclectic gathering aptly echoed the overarching theme of inclusivity championed by the workshop, “IP for ALL.”

Distinguished luminaries graced the occasion, including Er H K Tripathy, the venerable Senior Scientist; Dr D S Rao, Head of HRD; Er Jayanta Mallick, Head of PME; Dr S K Pradhan, Coordinator of CSIR-Skill Initiative; and Dr T Pavan Kumar, the esteemed Convener and program instructor. They expounded upon the manifold activities spearheaded by CSIR-IMMT and InTEC, underscoring the pivotal role of intellectual property (IP) in today’s global landscape.

Dr Ramanuj Narayan, the Director of CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar, lauded the tireless efforts of the organizing team and underscored the boundless avenues for fostering innovation and IPR.

Skill Development Program On Essentials Of Patents Held At CSIR-IMMT

He underscored the imperative of integrating IP seamlessly into everyday practices, emphasizing its far-reaching implications for future generations.

The event also witnessed the incubation of three promising startups at InTEC, accompanied by the conferral of induction certificates. Participants unanimously lauded the enriching experience garnered through the Skill Development Program (SDP) and commended the concerted efforts of CSIR-IMMT. Notably, representatives from various organizations expressed keen interest in collaborating for future editions of such programs, a testament to the resounding success of the SDP on essentials of Patents.

Innovative Technology Enabling Center – InTEC, a prominent incubation facility nestled within CSIR-IMMT and endorsed by Startup Odisha, currently nurtures approximately 15 startups. Having conducted a staggering 60 programs on Innovation & IPR, and having sensitized over 130,000 enthusiasts on this globally significant subject, InTEC continues to be a beacon of innovation. Its recent initiative, MAITRI (Mentoring Academic Interventions for Technological Research and Innovation), seeks to bridge the gap between academia, research, and industry, with 45 Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) already onboard.

In sum, CSIR-IMMT has made significant strides in bolstering its intellectual property portfolio, having filed approximately 20 new IPRs (patents and designs) in the past year, adding to its impressive repertoire.