Shooter Abhinav Bindra Highly Acclaimed Recently Unveiled Sports Science Centre At Kalinga Stadium

Shooter Abhinav Bindra Highly Acclaimed Recently Unveiled Sports Science Centre At Kalinga Stadium

Bhubaneswar: Abhinav Bindra, India’s first individual Olympic gold medalist lauded the recently inaugurated Sports Science Centre at Kalinga Stadium in the capital of Odisha. The state-of-the-art facility, unveiled by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on December 11, is designed to support athletes and para-athletes across various sports through the application of sports science and technology. Serving as a hub for rehabilitation, recovery, and performance enhancement, the center caters to both local sports talent and elite athletes from across India.

Expressing admiration for the facility, Bindra emphasized the pivotal role of sports science in enabling athletes to excel on the global stage. He regretted not having access to such cutting-edge technology during his career, believing it would have significantly improved his performance.

The Sports Science Centre encompasses specialized labs, including a Para-Athlete Performance Lab, Biomechanics Lab, Altitude Training Chamber, Cryotherapy, and flotation therapy. Bindra specifically praised the Para Athlete Performance Lab, highlighting its importance in promoting inclusivity and gender equality in sports.

Commending Odisha’s commitment to integrating sports science into its sports model, Bindra appreciated the shift in the state’s approach to sports. He noted the commendable effort to incorporate sports science and technology not only at the elite level but also at the grassroots level. Bindra was heartened by the scientific and performance-related questions posed by young athletes from Odisha, reflecting a positive change in the mindset towards sports performance.

Looking ahead, the shooter acknowledged that sports results take time but expressed satisfaction in witnessing Odisha’s efforts to nurture future champions. He lauded the comprehensive ecosystem of the Sports Science Centre, emphasizing that it aims to enhance the performance of athletes in Odisha while contributing to the broader landscape of Indian sports.