Pramerica Life Insurance Introduces 13th Edition Of Emerging Visionaries

Pramerica Life Insurance Introduces 13th Edition Of Emerging Visionaries

Gurugram: Pramerica Life Insurance, recognized as one of India’s fastest-growing life insurers, introduces the 13th edition of its innovative initiative, the Emerging Visionaries. This national program acknowledges school students for their inventive solutions to financial and societal challenges within their communities.

Building upon the legacy of the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, which has honored over 150,000 young individuals globally over 27 years and for over 13 years in India, the Emerging Visionaries program draws on the purpose-driven history of Prudential Financial Inc. and the financial expertise of Piramal Finance. It continues the tradition of recognizing and applauding the remarkable efforts of children who positively impact their communities through innovative solutions.

At its essence, the Emerging Visionaries program embodies Pramerica Life Insurance’s overarching brand vision of securing and enriching lives. By commending the contributions of children addressing these challenges, the program reinforces the company’s commitment to this vision and aims to enhance community well-being.

The program has a dual objective: to acknowledge the exceptional endeavors of young change-makers and to inspire a broader culture of social responsibility. By spotlighting the initiatives of these young leaders, the company seeks to inspire others to contribute positively to society, catalyzing a ripple effect of positive change.

Pramerica Life Insurance is dedicated to engaging with students and nurturing their sense of social responsibility from an early age. This recognition program strives to create a supportive ecosystem where young minds can thrive and make meaningful contributions to society.

Karthik Chakrapani, Chief Business Officer of Pramerica Life Insurance, expresses pride in celebrating the tireless efforts, indomitable spirit, and noble intentions of these young champions. Through this initiative, the company aims to highlight their exemplary actions, inspiring others to join hands for the greater good of the world, embodying the ethos of collective action and compassion.

In addition to its online application process, the program extends its reach through comprehensive school outreach. With plans to engage with over 3000 schools across India, including Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities, through digital webinars, on-ground presentations, and dialogues with students and school management, the program ensures accessibility to a diverse array of students, fostering inclusivity and enabling young changemakers from all corners of the country to participate and contribute to positive societal change.

Key details of the program include:

  • Open to students from classes 8 to 12 engaged in volunteer activities.
  • Projects addressing financial or societal challenges within their communities are invited.
  • Applications must be e-certified by respective school principals.
  • A panel of jurors will evaluate submissions and select finalists in two categories: Financial Solution Challenge and Societal Solution Challenge.
  • Five finalists will be chosen for the Financial Solution Challenge, while twenty finalists will be selected for the Societal Solution Challenge.
  • Two national honorees, one from each category, will be awarded Certificates of Excellence, gold medallions, and a cash prize of INR 50,000 each.
  • Honorees will also receive trophies, and their school principals will be recognized.
  • Both national honorees will be granted an all-expenses-paid trip to an international recognition event in the United States.

The application submission window is open until February 21, 2024. For more information about the Emerging Visionaries program, visit