Patanjali committed to transparency: Ramdev

Patanjali committed to transparency: Ramdev

New Delhi: Baba Ramdev-led Patanjali Ayurved responded to the recent caution from the Supreme Court regarding “false” and “misleading” claims in its advertisements, asserting that it was not engaged in any deceptive practices and expressing willingness to face severe consequences, including a fine or even a “death sentence.”

Addressing concerns raised by the apex court, Patanjali Ayurved emphasized its commitment to transparency and stated that it possesses a comprehensive database with evidence, including real-world data, preclinical, and clinical evidence, supporting the efficacy of its products.

During a press conference in Haridwar, Baba Ramdev, the face of Patanjali, stated, “If we make false advertisements or propaganda, we would not have any objections if the honorable court imposes a fine of crores or even gives us a death sentence.” This bold statement reflects the company’s confidence in the authenticity of its claims.

The Supreme Court had cautioned Patanjali against making misleading claims about the medicinal properties of its products. In response, Ramdev expressed a desire for the court to consider their perspective and assured that if given the opportunity, he would present all relevant facts, clinical evidence, and scientific research papers to substantiate the company’s assertions.

This development comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of claims made by various companies in the health and wellness sector, highlighting the importance of transparency and accuracy in advertising practices. Patanjali Ayurved’s response indicates its willingness to undergo a thorough examination and defend its product claims in a legal context.