Organs retrieved from brain dead patient at SUMUM flown to other cities

Organs retrieved from brain dead patient at SUMUM flown to other cities

Bhubaneswar: For the second occasion in nine months, several organs retrieved from a patient declared brain dead at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM), a top-tier healthcare facility, were transported to different cities on Monday for transplantation. This life-saving procedure granted a fresh opportunity for survival to two critically ill patients.

The liver and heart were obtained from Krushna Chandra Mahabhoi, a CRPF soldier, who was declared brain dead in the hospital on the night of March 23. According to hospital sources, the 48-year-old patient, who had experienced kidney failure and was receiving dialysis, was admitted to the hospital on March 20 and was undergoing intensive care treatment.

Following a decline in his condition, Krushna Chandra Mahabhoi experienced a subdural hemorrhage. On Sunday morning, the medical team administered an Apnea test, confirming his brain death. Subsequently, the patient’s family chose to donate his organs and promptly notified the hospital authorities.

The hospital promptly contacted the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO), which then relayed the information to the Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (ROTTO) and the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO). Subsequent tests confirmed the viability of the patient’s liver and heart for transplantation, both organs being in optimal condition.

As per the allocation of organs made by NOTTO the liver was taken to Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre at Mumbai for transplantation on a patient while the heart was flown to Kolkata for transplantation on another patient under treatment at the Medica Superspeciality Hospital there.

Two medical teams from the two metros arrived in Bhubaneswar on Monday to retrieve the organs in the presence of surgeons of SUMUM. The local police arranged to create a green corridor from the hospital to the Biju Patnaik International Airport for smooth transport of the retrieved organs to the two cities.

Dr. Swetapadma Dash, Chief Executive Officer of SUMUM, said it was the second time that multiple organs had been harvested from a brain dead patient in the hospital for transplantation elsewhere. The liver, lungs and kidneys of a brain dead patient were harvested in the hospital on June 24 last year and taken to three different cities for transplantation. “Last time the heart could not be utilized as the concerned hospital failed to take it. But this time the heart was flown out for the first time.”

“SUMUM’s commitment to transform lives is evident from this effort and we will put in a lot of efforts to ensure that it goes on,” she said.

SOTTO sources said though other organs had been sent out of Odisha, it was for the first time that a heart was taken out for transplantation.

“At the same time, we are thankful to the family members of the patient who selflessly decided to donate the organs which has inspired all of us. As the country was celebrating holi, this selfless act has put a lot of colour in the lives of two other families,” she said.

SUMUM has been consciously trying to popularize the concept of organ donation round the year, Dr. Dash said adding the hospital had organised ‘Angadan Mahotsav’ in August last with staff members enacting ‘Life after Death’ – a street corner play to create awareness about organ donation among the public.

The harvesting of the organs was done under the supervision of Dr. Tapas Behera, Consultant Nephrologist and Dr. Banambar Ray, Head of Critical Care department, Dr. Dash said while thanking the consultants and government agencies for their unwavering support to this cause.

“Retrieving the organs from the patient was difficult but we are confident that the recipients of the organs will benefit,” Dr. Ray said.