Odisha State BJP President Is Pressurised To Accuse CM: BJD

Odisha State BJP President Is Pressurised To Accuse CM: BJD

Bhubaneswar: On Thursday, BJP President Manmohan Samal called for Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s resignation on moral grounds, citing the Income Tax Department’s seizure of over Rs 350 crore from liquor traders in the state. In response, BJD dismissed Samal’s allegations, suggesting that he was under significant pressure from an Odia central minister to make such baseless accusations against the chief minister.    

Addressing a press conference today BJD spokesperson Lenin Mohanty said that the Prime Minister tweeted twice on 8th and 12th December indicating the seized cash belonged to a Congress Rajya Sabha MP, holding the Congress accountable.

“The assertions made by the Odisha State BJP President suggest that he has gathered more facts than Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other Central Ministers regarding the Income Tax raid. We urge Manmohan Babu to present any additional information he may possess before their central leadership,” stated Mohanty during the media address.

Mohanty continued, “In the past in a raid on a businessman in Uttar Pradesh, 500 crores in cash and assets were uncovered. Similarly, during the BJP’s tenure in Karnataka, a raid yielded about 300 crores in cash and gold. The Income Tax Department has been conducting frequent raids in Maharashtra, seizing substantial amounts of cash and gold. What is Manmohan Babu implying? That the recovered assets in BJP-ruled states are linked to BJP leaders?”

Concluding his press and media statement, Mohanty remarked, “From Manmohan Samal’s statement today, it appears that he is reacting in this manner under significant pressure from an influential Odia Central Minister.”