Naveen Patnaik Urges Women To Contribute To Shaping A ‘New Odisha’

Naveen Patnaik Urges Women To Contribute To Shaping A 'New Odisha'

Bhubaneswar: During the state-level celebration of International Women’s Day, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik lauded the remarkable progress made by women in Odisha over the past two decades. He underscored the government’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding women’s political, social, and economic rights. Patnaik urged the women of the state to contribute fervently to shaping a ‘New Odisha’. 

Addressing a gathering at the convention center in Lok Seva Bhawan, the Chief Minister emphasized the paramount importance of respecting women. Reflecting on the advancements achieved by women in Odisha, he noted their increasing prominence in politics. Out of the 30 district councils in the state, women now lead in 20, with over 50% representation in panchayats and municipal bodies.

Highlighting the transformative impact of ‘Mission Shakti’ on economic development, CM Naveen highlighted how women have ventured into small businesses, contributing significantly to their families’ financial well-being. He commended their resilience and ambition, spurred by Mission Shakti, which empowered them to pursue ambitious goals.

The Chief Minister also hailed the government’s efforts in providing ample work opportunities to women through Mission Shakti, expressing satisfaction at their adept handling of responsibilities.

Encouraging women to aspire to entrepreneurship, CM Naveen announced government support in the form of interest-free loans up to Rs 10 lakh. He assured them of his unwavering support, urging them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Furthermore, he underscored the government’s initiatives to safeguard women’s social rights and dignity, including enhanced benefits in various schemes. Under the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana, women receive health services up to Rs 10 lakh, while additional benefits are extended in scholarships and transportation fares.

Recognizing women’s pivotal role in families, the Chief Minister stressed the importance of their empowerment, emphasizing measures to increase their societal significance.

He reiterated his belief in women’s inherent potential, urging them to harness their strength to achieve great heights in life. Extending his best wishes for their success, he called upon women to contribute actively to the vision of a ‘New Odisha’.

Minister for Women and Child Development, Basanti Hembram, lauded the Chief Minister’s leadership and the department’s initiatives aimed at women’s welfare. She highlighted schemes such as Matukalyan Yojana, Mamata, Advika, and Jagruti, along with the transformative impact of Mission Shakti, which benefits millions of women in the state by enhancing their social and economic empowerment.