Mother’s Recipe unveils ‘Mumbai Ka Pyaar’ campaign with iconic Mumbai Local Train branding

Mother’s Recipe Unveils ‘Mumbai Ka Pyaar’ Campaign With Iconic Mumbai Local Train Branding

Mumbai: Mother’s Recipe, a renowned brand celebrated for its delectable and traditional flavors, is excited to unveil its highly anticipated ‘Mumbai ka Pyaar’ campaign. In a distinctive and lively initiative, the Mumbai Local trains will be adorned with the distinctive branding of Mother’s Recipe, creating an enchanting journey for commuters throughout the city.

With a robust presence nationwide, Mother’s Recipe underscores its affection for Mumbai through this innovative campaign, fostering a sense of belonging for the city’s residents. The train route has been strategically selected to represent the diversity of Mumbai’s local railway network across the Western line, Central line, and Harbour line. This immersive experience will showcase vibrant visuals and engaging content, spotlighting the authentic taste and love infused into every Mother’s Recipe product.

For Mumbaikars, the local trains serve as the lifeblood of Mumbai, providing the fastest and most economical means of travel. The train branding will showcase Mother’s Recipe’s authentic food products, spanning Papads, Pickles, Cooking Pastes, Ready-to-Cook products, Chutneys, and Instant Mixes. The campaign not only aims to celebrate the diverse flavors of Mumbai but also seeks to connect with the daily lives of Mumbaikars, bringing joy and familiarity to their everyday commutes.

Each product’s unique selling proposition is artfully encapsulated in individual taglines such as ‘Mumbai ka Khatta Meetha Pyaar’ for Pickles and ‘Mumbai for Har Ghar Pyaar’ for the Ready-to-Cook range on one side of the train. The other side features the new and exquisite Recipe Sauces, including Garlic Chilli Sauce, Red Chilli Sauce, Soya Bean sauce, Chilli Vinegar, and more.

Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director of Mother’s Recipe, expressed her enthusiasm for this campaign, stating, ” ‘Mumbai ka Pyaar’ is our way of expressing our love, and we are thrilled to bring this campaign to the heart of Mumbai – its local trains, which are the lifeline of the city. Mumbai is known for its love for food – Salty, spicy, sweet, sour. Every flavor has a unique place in people’s hearts and on their plates, and that is what makes Mother’s Recipe an integral part of every home. We have an extensive range of pickles, chutneys, ginger-garlic paste, ready-to-eat food, instant mix, and recipe sauces, which offer people the taste they love.”

Mother’s Recipe invites the people of Mumbai to participate in the ‘Mumbai ka Pyaar’ campaign as it unfolds in the first week of January, promising an amalgamation of tradition, authenticity, and the vibrant spirit of the city.