Justice Arun Mishra inaugurates NHRC’s first online short term internship of the calendar year 2024

Justice Arun Mishra inaugurates NHRC’s first online short term internship of the calendar year 2024

New Delhi: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India commenced the first Online Short Term Internship of the calendar year and the fourth of the financial year 2023-24. Justice Shri Arun Mishra, the Chairperson, inaugurated the program, emphasizing that all individuals are born with equal rights. He reiterated Mahatma Gandhi’s belief that rights are inseparable from duties, highlighting the importance of responsible behavior.

Justice Mishra advocated for assisting marginalized groups in integrating into society to access their entitled privileges and rights, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals. While acknowledging the benefits of technological progress, he cautioned against its misuse, leading to human rights violations such as cybercrimes and human trafficking. The internship aims to educate young participants on these challenges, including climate change, through expert speakers and to empower them to advocate for human rights.

Shri Bharat Lal, Secretary General of NHRC, expressed optimism about the interns’ potential to grasp the significance of human rights and raise awareness. He encouraged selected students to seize this rare opportunity, offering insights into various human rights issues and institutions through virtual tours.

Joint Secretary Shri Devendra Kumar Nim provided an overview of the internship, a flagship program of the Commission, urging interns to not only pursue certification but also become advocates for human rights. He envisioned them as links between NHRC and vulnerable communities, emphasizing active participation and the Commission’s efforts to accredit its programs.

Registrar Law Shri Surajit Dey, Joint Secretary Smt Anita Sinha, along with other officials, JRCs, and staff, were also present. The program hosts 94 students from across the country, reflecting its significance among university-level students in fostering human rights awareness and activism.