JSP Observes Founder O.P. Jindal’s 19th Death Anniversary 

JSP Observes Founder O.P. Jindal's 19th Death Anniversary 
  • Biswaranjan Pattnaik 

 Five Voluntary Blood Donation Camps Organized, 703 Units of Blood Collected to Aid the Needy

Angul: Jindal Steel and Power (JSP) commemorated the 19th Punyatithi of the esteemed founder of the O.P. Jindal Group, Shri O.P. Jindal (fondly known as Bauji), with a series of significant initiatives at its Angul unit, symbolizing a heartfelt tribute to his legacy.

In recognition of Bauji’s indelible imprint on both society and the steel industry, the Executive Directors of the Angul facility, Mr. Pankaj Malhan and Mr. Damodar Mittal, alongside the entire senior management cadre, their families, and the local community, came together to honor his revered memory and catalyze benevolent endeavors.

Marking this poignant occasion, JSP, in collaboration with its CSR wing, the JSP Foundation, and the Red Cross Blood Banks situated across Angul, Athamalik, Talcher, and Burla (Sambalpur), united to emphasize the critical significance of blood donation, especially during the scorching summer months. This collaborative effort culminated in the commendable achievement of collecting 703 units of blood from altruistic volunteer donors spanning various age groups.

Expressing his profound sentiments, Mr. Pankaj Malhan articulated, “As a conscientious corporate entity, JSP remains resolute in its commitment to serving society in the most impactful manner possible. The organization of such voluntary blood donation camps underscores our steadfast dedication to social responsibility.”

Mr. Damodar Mittal, reflecting on his personal involvement, remarked, “I deem it a privilege to have contributed blood for the fifteenth time, reaffirming my staunch belief in contributing to the welfare of the community through diverse avenues.

JSP Observes Founder O.P. Jindal's 19th Death Anniversary 

This act serves as a poignant homage to the cherished memory of Shri Om Prakash Jindal Ji (Bauji), a revered luminary who holds a special place in my heart, and whose noble values continue to inspire us.”

Furthermore, the JSP Foundation extended its outreach by distributing essential dry rations to Shelter Homes, Gosala, Manav Seva Ashram, and a facility dedicated to specially-abled children in Angul, amplifying its impact on the underprivileged segments of society.

The Jindal Mahila Samiti, under the leadership of Mrs. Anita Mittal, along with enthusiastic participation from employees across various departments, wholeheartedly engaged in these initiatives as a heartfelt homage to Bauji, whose visionary ethos continues to guide and inspire.

JSP Observes Founder O.P. Jindal's 19th Death Anniversary 

In addition to the aforementioned endeavors, solemn rituals including Akhand Ramayan Patha, Puja, and Hawan were conducted at the revered Devbhoomi Temple and Jindal Nagar Township, further accentuating the spiritual aspect of the commemoration.