JSP Foundation empowers 4254 more girls and women with Award of Yashasvi Scholarships for Higher Education and Skill Development

JSP Foundation empowers 4254 more girls and women with Award of Yashasvi Scholarships for Higher Education and Skill Development

New Delhi:  Launching the third edition of its flagship initiative, Yashasvi, the JSP Foundation, the philanthropic wing of Jindal Steel & Power, has extended financial aid to an additional 4354 deserving girls and women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Odisha, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh. Smt. Shallu Jindal, the Chairperson of JSP Foundation, inaugurated the program and bestowed scholarship awards as part of its mission to empower and support women in their pursuit of higher education and skill development.

Ms. Yashasvini Jindal, an advisor to the JSP Foundation and a key contributor to this initiative, graced the event in person, offering words of encouragement to the selected women and girls. Addressing them, Ms. Shallu Jindal emphasized the foundation’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and gender equality. The Yashasvi program, she stated, aims to create a positive impact in the community by nurturing the growth of women and providing opportunities for them to excel in their chosen fields. She extended her congratulations to the participants and expressed her best wishes for their success, highlighting the program’s track record of transforming the lives of previous beneficiaries.

In the third edition, the JSP Foundation received a total of 8914 applications, with 4254 candidates selected from 81 districts in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand, including 3430 new additions to the list. The scholarships were renewed for 824 individuals. Among the selected women and girls, 1807 are pursuing higher education from the 12th to PhD level in various fields, while 3430 are engaged in skill development programs, spanning areas such as COPA, sewing machine operation, retail sales, and more.

Financial support is provided to cover course fees and associated expenses for vocational training or academic courses in professional or general streams at institutions of their choice. The Foundation directly remits the financial assistance to the enrolled institutions. The selected students, totaling 4254, are pursuing courses at 250 reputable institutions across India, with 2689 from Odisha, 934 from Chhattisgarh, and 631 from Jharkhand.

Commencing in 2022, the Yashasvi program now encompasses over 10,000 women and girls facing financial constraints in achieving their academic or skill development goals. The scholarship selection process is based on the financial condition of the student and their academic performance.

Shri Prashant Kumar Hota, President and Group Head (CSR) of JSP, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to the initiative. He also outlined the objectives and vision of the Yashasvi program. Additionally, executives from various units of JSP, including Shri Pankaj Malhan, Shri Purushotham M D, Shri Hanuman Sharma, Shri Ashish Jain, and Shri Chhavi Nath Singh, along with senior company executives, were present at the occasion.