Indian flight operators to procure over 1000 aircraft in upcoming years  

Indian flight operators to procure over 1000 aircraft in upcoming years  

New Delhi: In under a year, Indian airlines have revealed plans for a substantial aircraft acquisition, according to reports published in the Economic Times. Air India, IndiGo, and the newly introduced Akash Air are set to collectively procure 1120 aircraft. For the year 2023, Air India and IndiGo have finalized deals for a combined total of 970 aircraft.

Akash Air, the newly established airline, is also joining the fleet expansion, intending to purchase an additional 150 aircraft to enhance air connectivity across various regions of the country. The company has committed to acquiring Boeing’s troubled 737 Max aircraft, with an initial announcement in August 2022 for the purchase of 72 such aircraft. The grand total of aircraft acquisitions by the company is anticipated to reach 226, with deliveries expected by 2032.

Akash Air proudly stands as the sole Indian airline in the aviation sector to pledge the purchase of over 200 aircraft within a mere 17 months since its launch, highlighting the company’s robust financial standing. Air India, under the ownership of the Tata Group, is slated to acquire 470 aircraft, with agreements in place for 250 from Airbus and 220 from Boeing.

Simultaneously, IndiGo has committed to procuring 500 narrow-bodied aircraft, contributing to a staggering 1000 new planes for the airline alone. The now-defunct ‘Go Fast’ airline had also expressed interest in acquiring 72 planes. 

Considering both the quantity of orders and the anticipated delivery schedule of aircraft, it can be affirmed that Indian airlines are poised to incorporate 1600 new planes in the upcoming years.