Gynecologist Gifts Her Residence To Women’s College In Sambalpur 

Odisha Doctor Gifts Her Residence To Women’s College In Sambalpur 

Bhubaneswar: Narayani Panda, a renowned gynecologist and esteemed advocate for social causes in Sambalpur, Odisha, has generously contributed to the advancement of education by donating her residence to a women’s college.

She has gifted her two-story home, located in Bhutapada, Sambalpur, to the government women’s college for girls’ hostel purpose. Dr. Panda initially intended to establish a school within the premises but encountered obstacles. Consequently, she decided to donate the building to facilitate the creation of a hostel for students of the Government Women’s College, Sambalpur.

Expressing her rationale, Dr. Panda highlighted the college’s insufficient hostel facilities, which have led students to seek lodging in rented accommodations across Sambalpur. Her donated property offers ample space and amenities suitable for a women’s hostel, ensuring a comfortable residence for college attendees. Dr. Panda further stipulated that the college authorities can initiate the hostel on the first floor of the building and will assume full ownership posthumously.

This act of philanthropy follows Dr. Panda’s earlier contribution of Rs 30 lakh to her alma mater, Gangadhar Meher University (GMU) in Sambalpur, as part of the ‘Mo College Abhiyan’ initiated by the state government in 2021. Subsequently, the government matched her donation with an additional grant of Rs 60 lakh to GMU, which was utilized to establish a Centre for IT Skills at the university.

In 2022, Panda was honored with the esteemed Odisha Citizens Award in the Social Service category. Following the passing of her husband, Prasant Mohanty, she has dedicated herself to philanthropic endeavors, investing her time in various social service initiatives.