FretBox Transforms Campus Living At Odisha Universities

FretBox Transforms Campus Living At Odisha Universities

Bhubaneswar: Odisha’s premier universities are revolutionizing campus life through FretBox, an advanced proptech solution. Developed by FretBox, a SaaS-based company, this cutting-edge platform caters to the escalating demand for digital conveniences in student accommodations. Its pioneering approach aims to enrich students’ residential experiences by delivering a seamless digital interface tailored to their varied requirements.

Bhubaneswar, the educational nucleus of Odisha, has undergone a notable digital transformation in its student accommodations, with esteemed institutions like KIIT, SOA, SRI SRI, Birla Global University, and RCM College embracing the FretBoxPropTech solution. This adoption has led to significant enhancements in satisfaction levels among students, parents, and university administrators.

An early adopter in 2023, Birla Global University has reaped substantial benefits from integrating FretBox into its hostel management system. The platform offers a comprehensive array of features, including expedited leave approvals, student feedback mechanisms, streamlined complaint resolution, kitchen management, and emergency alert systems, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable living environment for students.

Commending the FretBox experience, Mr. K.M. Pandey, Chief of IT at Birla Global University, remarked, “The automation of hostel operations with the FretBox app has revolutionized the experience for hostel administrators. Our wardens, caretakers, and facilities teams can now seamlessly and efficiently address students’ daily needs.”

Mr. P K Chamupaty, Deputy Registrar of KIIT University, echoed similar sentiments regarding the digital transformation of their extensive hostels. He noted that Fretbox has bridged the gap between students and hostel management teams, facilitating instant issue resolution and significantly reducing student stress, thereby enabling them to concentrate more effectively on their academic pursuits.

FretBox Transforms Campus Living At Odisha Universities

With robust data security certifications and top-tier on-cloud hosting infrastructure, FretBox meets the rigorous quality standards of leading universities in Odisha and beyond. Noteworthy institutions such as Galgotias University, Thapar University, and People’s University have also embraced FretBox. Furthermore, prestigious establishments like the IITs, IIMs, and NITs have shown interest in adopting this technology to cultivate a conducive and pleasant living environment for their students.

Established in 2022, FretBox provides a comprehensive proptech solution tailored for university and college hostels. The platform encompasses features such as a digital notice board, visitor log, amenities booking, virtual assistant, fee collection, and security desk. Catering to a diverse clientele, FretBox collaborates with both private and government institutions, dedicated to enhancing the student living experience through digital innovation.