Dharmendra Pradhan launches campaign taking divine blessings 

Dharmendra Pradhan launches campaign taking divine blessings 

Sambalpur: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched his electoral crusade with utmost zeal, invoking the blessings of Maa Dakeswari in the Angul district on Wednesday. Setting his gaze upon the Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency, Pradhan embarked on a profound spiritual expedition, commencing with prayers at the revered sanctuary of Maa Dakeswari in the tranquil confines of Brahmanbila village, nestled within the Chendipada block.

Chendipada, a pivotal precinct nestled within the contours of the Sambalpur Lok Sabha constituency, holds profound significance in the electoral fabric of western Odisha. Pradhan’s deliberate choice to inaugurate his campaign with the divine benediction of Maa Dakeswari underscores the profound symbiosis of cultural heritage and political aspirations.

Against the backdrop of a resplendent reception orchestrated by the denizens of Brahmanbila village, Pradhan’s presence reverberated as he traversed the thoroughfares, accompanied by fervent supporters.

Articulating his vision, Pradhan proclaimed, “I have been entrusted with the mantle of the Lok Sabha candidacy from the Sambalpur constituency, and from this moment forth, I commence my odyssey to ensure the re-election of Narendra Modi for a third term as the Prime Minister of India.”

Pradhan’s sojourn to the Angul district epitomizes a meticulously charted course, symbolizing his unwavering resolve to forge bonds with constituents spanning diverse terrains. Poised to grace a party convocation at Angul’s BJP district office, Pradhan’s presence epitomizes the party’s concerted endeavors to galvanize grassroots support.

The electoral contest for the Sambalpur Lok Sabha seat is slated to unfold on May 25th, amidst heightened anticipation and fervor.