Cyclone Michaung Likely To Miss Odisha

Finally the apprehension for predicted cyclone Michaung over Odisha has disappeared. The cyclone which is intensifying off the coast may touch southern Andhra Pradesh, near the Bay of Bengal, after originating from Tamil Nadu.

The possibility of the cyclone is expected on 2nd December. A small low-pressure area has developed near the South Andaman Sea, adjacent to the southeastern Bay of Bengal. It is likely to take the form of a depression today.

Moving towards the northwest, the cyclonic storm is likely to form over Bay of Bengal within 48 hours. Later, by the morning of the 4th, it is predicted to move towards northern Tamil Nadu, southern Andhra Pradesh, affecting the coastal areas alternately. Bhubaneswar Regional Meteorological Center has alerted Odisha about this cyclone, but there is no need to panic.