Cyclone Fear During Harvesting Season!

Bhubaneswar: According to media reports, concerns have arisen with the looming threat of an approaching cyclone during the crucial crop harvesting season. After the creation of a small depression in the South Andaman Sea, there is a possibility that it may affect the Bay of Bengal region, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. In the coming days, it could intensify into a cyclone and impact the South-Eastern part of the Bay of Bengal.

The exact trajectory of the cyclone is not yet clear. The IMD is closely monitoring the movement over the coastal areas of the Bay of Bengal. The global forecasting system suggests the potential development of a cyclone. Precautions have been advised, and there is no detailed information available on the specific impact at this point. However, it is anticipated to become more evident in the coming days. The IMD is keeping a close eye on the cyclone’s trajectory.

According to forecasts, the cyclone is expected to take shape in the South-Western Bay of Bengal on December 1. On December 4, it is expected to move in a north-northwesterly direction. Subsequently, on December 5, it may intensify into a cyclonic storm and cross the northern Andhra Pradesh and southern Odisha coasts. As a result, farmers are becoming increasingly concerned about the timing of the cyclone coinciding with the paddy harvesting time.