Contribute To The Realisation of An Inclusive, Empowered Odisha: Principal Secy. H&UD to Officers

Contribute To The Realisation of An Inclusive, Empowered Odisha: Principal Secy. H&UD to Officers

Bhubaneswar:The Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (H&UD), G Mathivathanan, provided guidance to the recently appointed Project Directors (PDs) of District Urban Development Agencies (DUDAs) and Executive Officers (EOs) during a two-day orientation program held at Odisha Urban Academy. Mr. Mathivathanan urged the newly joined officers to contribute to the realization of an inclusive and empowered Odisha.

Addressing the officers, he emphasized the significance of their role in achieving the collective dream of a better Odisha. He encouraged them to work diligently, stay committed, and prioritize the betterment and welfare of the people of Odisha. According to Mr. Mathivathanan, the officers are not merely government servants but agents of transformation for a new and empowered Odisha, playing a crucial role in shaping the vision for the state.

Discussing the 5T Principles and Mo Sarkar, he highlighted their success in bridging the gap between the government and the people, enhancing efficiency, and increasing transparency. The 5T principle has become the foundation for transforming Odisha, and the newly recruited officers have the opportunity to be part of this transformative process through dedication and hard work.

Mr. Mathivathanan expressed gratitude for the privilege of serving Odisha and expressed hope that the new officers would work with transparency and accountability to fulfill the aspirations of the Chief Minister. The two-day orientation program, organized by the H&UD Department, commenced on December 16.

The program aims to enhance the governance of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) by equipping newly appointed officials with knowledge about various schemes, programs, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), guidelines, and advisories. This will empower them to drive the key urban agenda effectively.

Senior officials of the department provided detailed orientation on key urban programs, including decentralized solid and liquid waste management, Jaga Mission, MUKTA, Ama Pokhari water body rejuvenation, and monitoring interventions such as SUJOG and Mo Sahara Sarkar. The program was attended by 10 PDs and 30 EOs who recently joined the service. Senior officers from the H&UD department also interacted with the newly inducted PDs and EOs.

In addition to the orientation sessions, the participants will embark on a field visit to witness and comprehend the on-ground implementation of various programs.