CII Odisha Sets the Stage for Industrial Advancement

CII Odisha Sets the Stage for Industrial Advancement

Bhubaneswar: Dr. Pradipta Mohanty, appointed as Chairman of the CII Odisha State Council for the term 2024-25, expressed confidence in Odisha’s rapid growth trajectory. He stressed the importance of nurturing both large industries and MSME sectors to ensure comprehensive development across the state.

The election of Dr. Pradipta Mohanty as Chairman and Mr. Sunil Gupta as Vice Chairman signals a strategic move to harness expertise and leadership within the council. Dr. Mohanty’s diverse background in mining, manufacturing, power, and infrastructure development, along with Mr. Gupta’s expertise in strategic operations, promises transformative change and sustainable economic progress for Odisha.

Addressing the CII Odisha State Council Meeting, Mr. Sunil Gupta, Vice Chairman and CEO of Vedanta Ltd, highlighted the focus areas for the new council administration. These include promoting MSMEs, fostering partnerships with larger industrial players, reducing logistical costs, and addressing carbon emissions. Moreover, initiatives for youth skill development and the advancement of green energy technologies underscore the council’s agenda.

With a vision to establish Odisha as a globally competitive hub for innovation and inclusivity, the council has identified key sectors for focus in 2024-25. These sectors encompass MSME, Infrastructure & Logistics, Sustainability solutions & Energy efficiency products, Exports of Agri and Food processing Products, Health Tourism, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, and Sustainable Mining.

The CII Odisha State Council remains dedicated to creating an environment conducive to industrial productivity, investment, and societal well-being. Collaborative efforts with the government, including MSME connect programs and cluster development, aim to enhance the state’s attractiveness as an investment destination. Furthermore, promoting sustainable practices across sectors strengthens Odisha’s appeal for investment and growth.