Bhubaneswar’s real estate experiences a significant surge

Bhubaneswar's real estate experiences a significant surge

Over 40% of Motwani Constructions latest project ANATARA has moved Before Launch!

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar’s real estate market is currently witnessing a surge, as evidenced by the remarkable success of Motwani Constructions’ latest project, ANATARA, during its pre-launch phase. Approximately 40% of the project’s inventory has already been sold, indicating strong investor confidence in the city’s growth trajectory.

Pankaj Motwani, Managing Director of Motwani Constructions, remarks, “The overwhelming response to ANATARA signifies Bhubaneswar’s transition into a major commercial center.” The project’s prime location in Jharpada, complemented by world-class amenities and competitive pricing, is attracting buyers in search of a premium lifestyle within Bhubaneswar, the smart city. Motwani Constructions is promoting ANATARA as a rare convergence of price, amenities, and location.

Bhubaneswar's real estate experiences a significant surge

Bhubaneswar, the dynamic capital city of Odisha, embodies a progressive ethos while retaining its rich cultural heritage and ancient temples. Embracing modernity alongside tradition, the city is experiencing a surge in smart initiatives, sustainable development, and technological innovation, positioning itself as a model of urban growth in India. With a commitment to inclusive growth and community development, Bhubaneswar promises a bright and prosperous future for its residents and visitors alike.