Amit Saha: BJP promises a new era of progress and integrity in Odisha

Amit Saha: BJP promises a new era of progress and integrity in Odisha

Sonepur: Union Home Minister Amit Saha today appealed the people of Odisha to support the first BJP government in the state, promising a new era of progress and integrity. Addressing a gathering in Sonepur ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha and state assembly elections, Shah stressed the urgent need for political change in Odisha.

With a clear vision for Odisha’s future, Shah criticized the current government’s alleged failures in development and governance. He accused the ruling dispensation of hindering Odisha’s growth and fostering corruption within bureaucracy.

Shah urged voters to consider a shift in leadership, highlighting the BJP’s commitment to elevate Odisha to a leading state in the nation. He pledged to tackle the issue of migration by creating more job opportunities within the state.

Emphasizing the Modi government’s role in ensuring food security through the public distribution system, Shah criticized the incumbent government for trying to take credit for central welfare schemes.

In a subtle critique of the ruling regime’s handling of cultural matters, Shah stressed the importance of preserving Odisha’s language and heritage. He argued that a government failing to uphold these values cannot lead the state to progress.

Shah also praised the people of Odisha for their resilience in celebrating the recent Ram Mandir inauguration ceremony, despite alleged attempts by the state government to undermine its significance.