Administration To Ensure Hassle Free Darshan At Puri Shree Jagannath Temple On New Year

Administration To Ensure Hassle Free Darshan At Puri Jagannath Temple On New Year

Bhubaneswar: In order to ensure devotees an experience of hassle free darshan on January 1, the Puri district administration and temple management have made elaborate arrangements at Shree Jagannath temple.  

To ensure the security of the event, around 90 platoons of the police force, led by 20 Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs) and 50 Inspectors, will be strategically stationed throughout Puri town. Simultaneously, the SJTA has collaborated with Puri district police, shrine servitors, and Jagannath Temple Police in a meeting aimed at facilitating a hassle-free darshan at Srimandir on January 1.

An air-conditioned (AC) shed equipped with seating arrangements, restrooms, and drinking water has been established to enhance the comfort of devotees. Special provisions have been made to cater to the needs of senior citizens and differently-abled individuals, with approximately 50 volunteers assigned to assist elderly visitors entering the shrine, according to sources in district administration.

In anticipation of the Zero Night celebration in the coastal town, the district administration has engaged in coordination with Puri’s hotel owners. These proprietors have been advised to install an ample number of CCTV cameras on their premises to ensure a secure environment. To address any issues related to tourists, the Puri police have established a 24/7 helpline (6370967100).

Furthermore, an orientation program has been conducted for lifeguards stationed on the beach. In consideration of devotees, a section of the Grand Road, stretching from Market Square to the Lions Gate of Srimandir, has been designated as a no-vehicle zone. Additionally, vehicular traffic will be restricted from Digabareni to Lighthouse on the marine drive from December 31 of the current year to January 2, 2024.