Aakash Educational Services Announces Various Scholarships For April 2024 Admissions

Aakash Educational Services Announces Various Scholarships For April 2024 Admissions

Behrampur: Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL), a prominent provider of test preparatory services nationwide, has introduced several scholarships ahead of the upcoming April 2024 session to assist students in achieving their aspirations of becoming doctors and engineers.

The initial scholarship, termed the Instant Admission Cum Scholarship Test (iACST), offers students up to a 90% scholarship for admission into Medical, Engineering, and Foundation courses. Additionally, Aakash will extend special discounts to the offspring of martyrs, defense personnel, and those affected by terrorism.

Mr. Anup Agarwal, Chief Business Officer at Aakash Educational Services Limited, expressed, “Our commitment lies in making quality education accessible to students all over India. Through initiatives like iACST and our scholarship programs, we strive to empower deserving students to fulfill their academic and professional goals. We take pride in our ongoing support for the education of the children of our courageous Armed Forces personnel, fostering educational excellence and inclusivity.”

The Instant Admission Cum Scholarship Test (iACST) provides students with immediate scholarship awards and opportunities for instant admission. By taking the exam online, students can promptly receive details of their earned scholarships, facilitating instant admission under the expert guidance of Aakash faculty. The online iACST, lasting 60 minutes, is available for completion between 10 AM and 8 PM on specified exam days.

Among the dignitaries present were Mr. Shubham Ghar, Academic Head Engineering; Mr. Ashutosh Garg, Academic Head Medical; Mr. Bikas Das, Regional Sales Growth Head; and Mr. Rohit Singh, Branch Head.

Designed for students in Class VIII to XII, iACST serves as a platform for showcasing their potential for careers in Medicine or Engineering. Scholarships awarded through iACST are applicable for admission into Medical, Engineering, and Foundation classroom courses. The test is conducted via the Aakash Computer-Based Test (CBT) platform, as well as through the Aakash website and dedicated mobile applications for both Android and Apple platforms.

In addition to its scholarship initiatives, AESL is dedicated to social responsibility by supporting the education of wards of Defence Personnel. Aakash will provide tuition fee waivers of up to 100% to the children of martyrs. Similarly, children of defense personnel and those affected by terrorism will receive an additional discount of 10% over and above their iACST scores.

This initiative has benefited over 75,000 students since its inception in 2014.

Aakash also celebrates its success in the recent JEE Mains 2024, with 41,263 students qualifying for the examination. Notable achievements include 4,198 students scoring a percentile of 95 and above, while 939 students secured a percentile score of 99 and above. Rishi Shekhar Shukla from Hyderabad achieved a perfect 100 percentile, with Abhiraj Singh from Karnal, Sri Ram A from Trinulveli, and Viswanath K S from Hyderabad securing an exceptional percentile of 99.99, among others.

In addition to classroom students, students from Aakash’s digital program excelled in JEE Mains 2024 (Session-01), with top performers such as Ritam Banerjee scoring a percentile of 99.96 with a perfect score in Mathematics; Arha Sahoo scoring 99.91 with a perfect score in Chemistry; Dhritishman Dutta at 99.87; Harish Kumar at 99.86; Eshwaranth at 99.86 percentile with a perfect score in Chemistry; Ishant Patel at 99.85 percentile; Sayan Mandal at 99.82; Jane Jones at 99.78; Srajan Gupta at 99.74; Dilipkumar A at 99.70, Rakshit Modi at 99.67, among others.

An impressive 26 students scored a percentile of 99 or above in the NTA score. Additionally, in JEE (Adv) 2023, Aakash Digital Program student Maynak Soni secured AIR-26 (OBC category Rank 2), showcasing the effectiveness of digital learning in achieving top ranks in India’s toughest exams.

In the NEET UG Examination 2023, an impressive 1,06,870 students from Aakash qualified, with 17 emerging as State/UT Toppers. Notable performers included Kaustav Bauri securing AIR 03, Dhruv Advani securing AIR 05, Surya Siddharth Nagarajan securing AIR 06, Swayam Shakti Tripathy securing AIR 08, and Parth Khandelwal securing AIR 10.