A permanent bench of the Orissa High Court in western odisha deemed unnecessary, says union law minister 

A High Court Bench In Western Odisha Deemed Unnecessary, Says Union Law Minister 

Bhubaneswar: In the midst of the ongoing demand from the people of Western Odisha for a permanent bench of the Orissa High Court, Union Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal firmly stated on Tuesday that establishing such a bench in the region is unnecessary. 

Meghwal is of the view that the advancement of Odisha’s e-Court Project might render the demand for permanent High Court Benches irrelevant, as residents in different districts can avail themselves of High Court benefits through virtual means. 

Meghwal highlighted the strides being made in the e-court project, noting that Odisha is leading in this initiative compared to other regions. Discussing the progress, he mentioned, “We have initiated the e-Court project with High Court Benches. Through the provision of virtual facilities, the e-Court can deliver services akin to those provided by physical High Court Benches. “

He further underscored that the formation of a High Court bench necessitates endorsements from the Chief Minister, the Chief Justice of the respective state, and subsequently, the Chief Justice of India.